10 Amazing Facts About Gold We Bet You Didn’t Know

Gold is one precious metal that everyone knows, a precious metal that you will find in most households, and in most bank lockers, in some or the other form. One can’t deny that gold is pure money, and is an essential part of their investment. But do we know everything about this fascinating metal that there is? Well, I bet we don’t!

So here are 10 astonishing facts about gold that you will most certainly find startling:


1. Did you know, even our bodies contain gold! We all have close to 0.2 ml gold in our bodies.


2. You can eat gold, yes, literally. It is completely inert and passes through the body without getting absorbed. A New York City restaurant serves pizza topped with gold leaf, each bite of this pizza costs USD 50!


In 2016, Parramatta restaurant in Australia created their first 23-carat gold leaf pizza.

3. Some people fear water, some fear cats, and some fear gold! Yes, the fear of gold is called Aurophobia.


4. According to sources, Indian homemakers own nearly 11% of all gold in the world. This 11% is more than the combined gold reserves of IMF, Switzerland, U.S, and Germany.

5. Gold can fight cancer too! Studies say cancer can be fought by injecting gold into the body.


6. In 2015, over 999 kg gold was recovered from broken iPhones by its maker, Apple. It was worth around USD 40 million!


7. There’s someone who owns more gold than our favourite musician Bappi Lahiri. Retired professional wrestler and actor Mr. T owns gold worth more than USD 1,20,000!

8. The U.S holds the world’s largest per capita gold reserves (8,133.5). India stands at the 10th position with 557.79 tonnes.


9. One of India’s most well-known temples, ‘The Golden Temple’, has been gilded with 750 kg of pure gold in its dome!

10. Half of whatever gold we mine is devoted to either industrial or jewellery use.


So, how many of these did you already know? Share it with your friends and have fun!


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