10 Benefits of the Systematic Investment Plan offered by Bullion India.

“Whenever an overall breakdown of a monetary or financial system occurs, return to gold always restores order, revives confidence and brings back prosperity.” -Donald Hoppe.
The Systematic investment plan is an opportunity devised for buyers to invest in gold and silver over a period of time, in small installments. The period for these payments can be from 6 months to as long as three years, with a starting investment amount from as little as Rs.1000 per month.
Benefits of SIP offered by Bullion India,

  1. Increased buying power: It is not easy for everyone to afford gold, at its sky-high rates. The want to invest in gold for a future use, like marriage and gifting, can be easily achieved through this plan without the pressure of paying all at once.
  2. Lower than market rates: The rates offered by Bullion India are wholesale rates, these spot rates are lower than the market value for gold and silver, and hence beneficial for investor.
  3. Accumulation: Each installment of money helps attain an equivalent amount of gold at the current rate. Thus increasing the grams of gold purchased.
  4. Average Cost: Each installment of the SIP is divided in 20-day periods. Each day depending on spot prices gold of equivalent grams is purchased. Similarly, every month instalments that spans over the chosen tenure brings a averaging of cost of gold. Which is beneficial in case the price falls.
  5. Rate benefits: In case, the gold rates drop more grams of gold or silver can be accumulated, benefiting the buyer.
  6. Purity and Finesse: Even though, the SIP offered by bullion India offers payment ease, there is no compromise on quality of metal. 24-carat gold and silver with 995 and 999 purity respectively are offered to the buyer in the purchase. The bullions are compliant with international standards.
  7. Security: Not only is the gold that you purchase insured and protected with bullion India, each payment you make through the portal will provide you with an official receipt.
  8. Redeeming options: The amount of gold and silver accumulated at the end of last installment can be redeemed. Sizes from 0.1gm to 200gm coins and 1gm silver bar to 500gm bars can be chosen for redemption. Home delivery of the purchase is available.
  9. Mode of payment: Bullion India provides facilities for Net Banking, Debit Card, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, DD and ECS. Which provide a wide choice for the buyers and eases the payment process considerably.
  10. Free registration: It is necessary for investors to be registered on bullion India portal to apply for the systematic investment plan, but there are no hidden charges for registration what so ever.

The need and desire to invest in gold is natural. Investment experts suggest that 5% of an investor’s portfolio should be gold. The importance of gold in Indian culture for gift giving and as a sign of security makes it important symbolically. Hence, with Bullion India’s SIP, gold can be attained with ease of mind and payment.

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