5 Basic Questions About Gold That Come Into The Mind Of Every Investor, And Our Answers!

When it comes to investing our hard-earned money, it always becomes a question of trust, especially when one has so many options to choose from. The same is happening lately with us all, given all those numerous options like shares, bonds, mutual funds, the bullion market, and a lot more. We just don’t know what is safe anymore, and what’s not.

But when it comes to investing in gold, there is one thing we can make sure – that all your questions are answered and confusions are clarified. Here are the simplest answers to the five most basic, yet biggest questions that come into the mind of a beginner thinking of investing in gold.

Question 1 – Is gold a good investment?

Answer – Gold has always been a thing of fascination and delight. Investment-wise, gold can be thought of as one of the safest. Including gold in your portfolio means making it more diverse and balanced.

Question 2 – Which is the safest way to invest in gold?

Answer – There are many ways you can invest in gold. The best way depends upon your purpose of investment. For example, if you’re looking at something like ‘bury-in-the-backyard-&-keep-it-safe’, bullion coins or bars is the way to go. Whereas if you’re looking at earning higher profits, gold SIP, ETF, or regular bullion trading should be your most appropriate choices.

Question 3 – How good is gold as a long-term investment?

Answer – Gold is one thing that goes beyond ordinary market. It is money. Nevertheless, one can make it into a good long-term investment if well studied dealt with smartly. As per records, gold has always outperformed stocks.

As an investor, you can buy gold bullion bars, coins, and ingots, and play safe, while still making profits by selling it back at the right time. While it takes a lot of study and understanding, gold has always been a good long-term investment.

Question 4 – Can I invest and make profit with gold using a small amount?

Answer – There are many options these days wherein it doesn’t matter whether you have a million, or just a rupee, to start investing in gold. With Augmont Gold app, which you can install here, you can buy gold at as low as a rupee!

As they say, even humble beginnings can earn you big profits, it’s especially true for your favourite yellow metal!

Question 5 – Is it safe to invest in gold amid the stock market volatility?

Answer – Yes, it is. In fact, gold is the only safe investment when the stock market is volatile! Gold goes opposite to the stock market, thereby becoming that one part of your investment portfolio, which can balance your losses when the stocks aren’t exactly in your favour.

We hope we have addressed all your confusions regarding gold as an investment. If you have more questions, or problems making your investment decisions, write to us in mail or comments, and we’re here for you! Happy investing. 🙂

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