7 Things Augmont Gold Offers Investors That No One Else In The Market Does

With advancement in technology, online shopping has become a household name. You can get anything you need online, right from grocery and clothes to jewellery and shoes. But the one best thing technology has brought to our lives is that we can now invest easily from the comfort of our homes. Augmont is one such app, where you can buy gold and silver bars, coins, SIPs, and a lot more without having to leave your home!

One may find many options to enter the investment market, but Augmont has some special features and services that no other technology offers. Here are just 7 of the specialities of Augmont Gold app that will flatter you within no time:

1. Buy gold at Re.1 – The lowest Minimum Order Quantity of Gold and Silver at Best Prices Guaranteed!

Where else will you be able to buy gold in a denomination as small as Re. 1? Augmont Gold offers the best price guaranteed and ensures you get the best deals and fair prices by sharing the benefit of wholesale market prices with you.

2. Augmont Goals

Have you ever seen an app that helps you achieve your goals by assisting you in saving for it?

With Augmont app, you get a never-before feature called Goals, wherein you can set both short as well as long-term goals with the help of goal calculator.

3. SIPs with No Lock-in Period

Anybody who knows a little about investment and the financial market has a fair idea about the concept of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Through an SIP, you can invest a fixed amount in a financial instrument at regular intervals.

With Augmont, you can buy SIPs backed by gold and silver. The biggest speciality of Augmont SIPs is that they have no lock-in period in the flexi SIP. You can start with as little as Rs. 1000 per month and exit whenever you wish to!

4. Gold and Silver Sell Back at low spreads

Yes, you heard right! You can sell back the gold or silver you bought from Augmont app at very low spreads.

The best feature of Augmont Sell back is that you can sell back at the real-time market price displayed on the app, that too without any additional charges!

5. Live updates on Gold & Silver rates

All you need is, log on to the Augmont app and you can get real-time gold and silver rates at the top on the homepage. If you’re someone who regularly trades in gold and silver, this is a very useful feature to keep track and make immediate decisions to go long or short.

6. Free of charge Insured & Secure Vault

Once you sign up with Augmont app, you get a Secure Vault, where all your gold and silver is stored. It is a secured Brinks vault, which means your gold is in the safe hands of the global leader in security services to banks and financial institutes.

7. Doorstep Delivery of Gold/Silver

This is one amazing thing about the Augmont App. You can get your gold or silver delivered at your doorstep at a very reasonable delivery charge. What would be better than buying gold online and getting it delivered to your home!

While in transit for delivery, your gold is insured by a leading insurance company.

You now know why Augmont Gold is different from any other investment option. You can download the app here.

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