6 Solid Advantages Of Augmont Gold App You Just Can’t Miss To Take!

Gold, no doubt, is the best kind of hedge against financial risks, and your best way to balance the portfolio. However, sometimes, you need to choose the best gold buying partner as well. No matter how precious gold is, if you buy it from the wrong place, you are going to regret it.

It’s better to not make haste in your investment decisions and make well-thought of choices. Here’s spelling out the best things you get when you buy gold online with Augmont app:

The Augmont Sell Back Option

You can sell back the gold you’ve purchased from Augmont, at any point of time, without any glitches. The prices are competitive and have low spreads, so you’ll always get the best price in market for your gold. The best thing about the sell-back feature is that you can choose how you get the money – you can get it in your Augmont account and in your bank account as well!

The Live Gold and Silver Rates

The app makes both trading in, and investing in gold and silver even easier with daily live updates on the homepage. All you need to do is register and check the homepage!

The Quick SIPs with anytime-exit option

Unlike other investment options like mutual funds and even shares, Augmont SIP doesn’t need that whole lot of documentation and formalities. You might as well just read this, wake up tomorrow morning, open the app, and invest in an SIP! You can choose from fixed and flexi options, wherein, in flexi SIP, you can exit anytime!

The Refer & Earn Program

Go to the Refer & Earn option in the app and you’ll see your unique code. Share this code with your friends, and when they install the app and register themselves, you will get 1gm of silver free in your account!

The Augmont Goal Setting Feature

Be it accumulating for your dream house, saving for your further studies, or just a long-awaited vacation to Paris, Augmont Goal setting feature will help you achieve all your goals helping you walk on the right path.

The Benefit of Doorstep Delivery

Gold is one of the best things to have in physical form in times of uncertainty; it is the ultimate money you will never regret having. If you’re also one of those who want to own their gold in physical form, you’re going to love Augmont’s doorstep delivery feature, wherein you can get your gold delivered at very reasonable charges.

In addition to the above, the best thing about Augmont gold is the quality assured, 24k 999 pure gold, and that they give you the best prices guaranteed on gold and silver. Now you know which the best place to buy gold from is! Go ahead, install the app on Android and iOS.

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