An App That Can Make You A Smart Gold Investor – By Varsha Misra

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Being a modern urban woman I always take equal responsibility for our family’s financial savings and future security. Be it investment or saving, I and my husband take all decisions together. We all have seen time of recession, when no saving worked. But the only metal that was safe even at the time of recession was gold. Even silver has saved pennies of middle class families.
Especially after the up and down incidence in metal prices, me and my husband decided not to only buy gold but to invest smartly in gold and that too for long term. But the problem we faced was dependability on traditional jewellery shops and lack of reliable sources. We tried connecting to our family jeweller and decided to buy gold as an investment from our savings. He assured us and gained our trust to the utmost level. After finalizing all the financial concerns and assessing gold purity charts; a thought came to my husband’s mind to cross check the prices with different sellers. To our surprise within the vicinity, three to four different jewellers were offering totally different price.
“Different prices for the same metal that is being already fixed by international market”; the thought provoked us not to second our decision but it completely trashed our trust and belief. This incidence not only changed our mind but it forced us to search some more reliable source for buying or investing in precious metals.
I heard my friend explaining something about buying gold online and that too with an app. She was explaining steps to some family member over phone. I discussed my concern with her and came to know about Augmont app and how to invest in gold digitally.
Honestly speaking initially we both were not at all ready to believe that one can buy or invest in gold through mobile without any fraud. But after reading about #Augmont, we decided to give it a try. Augmont being one of the largest gold refineries in India, claims way more control over quality and is able to offer the best prices as compared to other sources.
We then downloaded the app and just started following the steps and filling the necessary information. As decided we first checked the prices shown on the Augmont app and compared them with all other sources. After our satisfaction we transferred a little amount (only 500 rupees) to our app wallet. The prices were actually the lowest (although not a huge difference yet the best). So we decided to take a chance and bought just 0.1 gram gold. We were expecting that quantity like that cannot be processed, but our transaction was successful and as mentioned we received our 0.1 gram gold. We checked its purity with other jewellers and found satisfactory results.
The app not only allows you to invest but also purchase gold & silver, especially for gifting.  I have recently ordered a silver coin for the purpose of gifting my new born niece. This way we can gift our loved ones pure gold and silver even to distant places.
One can accumulate gold over a period of time as per one’s budget; it is beneficial especially for the retailers and small buyers like us. For regular buyers there is an option of very convenient monthly SIPs. Not only this, buyers have two options to store gold

  • They can allow the gold bought on the Augmont App to get stored in secured lockers, controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship Services; or
  • They can keep their gold with themselves; Augmont delivers it to the doorstep.

It is surely the best way to buy gold and silver and also make you a smart gold investor.
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