Augmont App – A Blessing in Disguise

Everything is becoming digitalised. India is becoming digitalised. We see numerous advertisements everyday about how buying and selling of goods and services is possible with just a few clicks. The real hassle however, is opening and registering your account and ensuring quality goods. This is exactly where Augmont comes into picture.


So what is the Augmont App?
It is a mobile application under the company named Augmont Gold Private Limited. It aides you to buy and sell Gold and Silver online.

Here is a list of advantages the Augmont app offers:
Easy Account Opening – We have all gone through a number of procedures before we can finally open a bank account or demat account when we want to trade in Bullion. With Augmont, this is a thing of the past. Opening an account on Augmont App is a hassle free process.
Minimum Verification – The advent of Aadhar has undoubtedly made our lives much easier than we could have ever imagined. With Augmont, you only need your registered mobile number for successful registration.
No Additional Costs – The best part about buying Gold on the Augmont App is the exemption of brokerage charges. We do not levy any charges for the storage and insurance of the purchases made on the app.
Buy Back – The Gold and Silver coins and bars bought on the Augmont App can be sold back to us at very low spreads.
Prompt Customer Service – No need to wait for hours to just get through the customer service desk. Augmont App offers a Live Chat option where our customer service representatives are always available and happy to help. Apart from this, you can also use
Install the app for Android and for iOS and accumulate gold digitally from the comfort of your couch. Do the new, be the change!

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