Augmont Gold – Safer Than Your Bank’s Safety Vault!

Augmont Gold Safe


Being Indian, we love buying and collecting gold. It is viewed as one of the most important assets in traditional India mainly because of its liquidity value. You can now buy gold online from the Augmont website or from the “Gold For All” App. Augmont offers an easy and hassle-free service to invest in gold within the comfort of your home and in just a few clicks.

Augmont Digi Gold is the best place to buy gold online in India as Augmont is the trusted and most preferred brand for gold.

Are you wondering if your gold is safe with us? Cloud purchases can look like a farce especially when it comes to a physical commodity like gold. At Augmont, we assure you that your gold is actually available and safe with us. Augmont operations are as transparent as glass. Here is the exact process of how we do it:

Augmont Gold Safe

  1. Purchase Gold – You can buy 24 carat 999 Gold and 24 carat 999 Silver on the Augmont App and save it online.
  2. Deposit Gold – Augmont deposits the gold in third party Safety Deposit Vaults. All your purchases are real-time but physical quantities for the same are deposited in the vaults.
  3. Security Check – The third party safety vaults are monitored by IDBI. IDBI conducts a weekly check to verify the quantity of gold reserves.
  4. Certfication – IDBI Trusteeship issues a certificate to verify the amount of gold reserves kept against the gold purchases made by the customer.
  5. Augmont Gold Safety
  6. Restriction on withdrawals – Augmont cannot withdraw the quantity of gold purchased by you from the security vaults unless the customer i.e. you request for delivery or sell it back to us.

Hence, we hope this blog helped with your question of “Is Augmont Gold Safe”.

So sit back, relax and invest in gold with Augmont Digi Gold. You can opt for a fixed as well as Flexi SIP plan. Need to know about these plans? Watch this space for more!

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