Buying Gold Was Never So Easy! Presenting Augmont SIP, So There’s Always Some Gold In Your Account

When it comes to investments, there is one thing that can never be completely ignored, and that is the factor of risk. If you wish to make profits and multiply your money, being prepared for risks is the first and foremost requirement. The best you can do is minimise this risk, which is difficult if you wish for profitable investments.

What if we tell you that there’s an option wherein you can invest small, affordable amounts every month, getting the benefit of market variations, while also conveniently avoiding a considerable amount of risk? Further, what if this option also allows you to accumulate gold over a period, and get it delivered at your doorstep?

Well, that option is Gold SIPs by Augmont, which means Systematic Investment Plan wherein you can invest a fixed amount starting Rs. 1,000 every month. There is not limit on the maximum amount of SIP.

All you need to do is install and register on the Augmont App and choose from the two basic SIPs – Fixed, and Flexi SIP.

One worthy feature of Augmont Gold SIP is that you can accumulate gold/silver in a disciplined manner, without having to shed a lump sum amount at once.

What’s more? If you opt for the Flexi plan, you can get delivery of the accumulated gold/silver anytime during the tenure of the SIP, and if you’ve opted for fixed plan, you can get it delivered on maturity.

Here, you get the basic advantage of SIP (IRR) over lump sum investment (CAGR).


You can choose the period from 1 year to 10 years. But the best thing about the SIP is that there’s NO LOCK-IN PERIOD! This means that you can exit the SIP anytime during the tenure.

You can buy an unlimited number of SIPs (with different options) from a single Augmont gold account. If you wish to continue even after maturity of your current SIP, you can renew it with just one click!

You can also download your SIP statement from your Augmont Gold account once the SIP starts.

Don’t you think this is too much goodness stored in one single package? An investment that doesn’t put pressure on your finances, lowers the risk, and helps you take advantage of market variations every month! Install the app now and opt for your choice of SIP.

So when are you kick starting your investment portfolio with Augmont Gold SIP? Install now!

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