Benefits of Gold Investment Plans

Considered one of the most robust investments among asset classes, gold counters inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. Bullion India lets you purchase as low as 0.1 gram of gold and a single gram of silver. With the stock market’s volatile nature, countless studies have proven a weak correlation to equity, making it the ideal investment for diversification. The investment of gold gives people a more stable portfolio.

 Minimum Documentation

 One of the big advantages of using Bullion India is that the customer only needs to upload a scanned proof of identity for registration. Bullion India tries to make their services as convenient and easy as possible for customers.

 Gold Accumulation

 Gold lets customers accumulate gold over a period of time. Since people can purchase gold in smaller quantities, an individual can plan for future requirements. For example, the marriage of children and a child’s college education. In addition, customers at Bullion do not have to worry about the storage cost or theft because they provide customers with free storage and insurance to protect their investment. When the investor needs their gold, they can exchange in multiples of one kg units of 0.995 purity.

 Easy Operation

 With the easy transfer of funds online for buying and selling, the operation is highly convenient and simple. Bullion gives customers a hassle-free process that ensures they receive the best results. Customers only need an Internet connection to buy and sell gold. In addition, with a low gold spread, customers can sell their gold and silver back at low prices.

 Competitively Priced

 Bullion India sells their gold at wholesale market prices, which guarantees the best prices for customers in the market. With the gold and silver products sold and secured in professional vaults with full insurance, investors will have peace of mind knowing that their investment is safe.

Easy Customer Support

 As a company, Bullion offers multiple methods of support. For example, telephone, email and live chat support are available during trading hours should customers experience issues. In addition, customers have 24/7 access to their online account. Each bar purchased is 24 Carat Pure and complies with international gold standards.

 Available in Numerous Quantities

 Customers can purchase gold in quantities that range from: 0.01 grams, one gram, five grams, 10 grams and 20 grams. In addition, people may purchase silver from Bullion India in the following quantities: one gram, 10 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams and 500 grams.

 Providing customers with an online system to sell, buy and redeem their gold investments, Bullion is one of the best wholesale gold investments on the market today. In addition, gold remains one of the most stable investments an individual can make. Customers may also take physical deliveries of their gold if they wish. However, these precious metals are monitored by an independent trustee or IDBI Trusteeship.

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