Benefits of Trading In MCX Gold.

The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) is India’s only listed exchange, which started operating in early November 2003, under the regulatory framework of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The MCX facilitates commodity futures exchange that eases online trading, clearing and settlement of commodity futures transactions, and in so doing providing a risk management platform. The MCX facilitates trading in many varied commodities future contracts including gold, bullions, base metals, agri commodities and Energy.
Features of MCX platform,

  • Advanced and Robust technology infrastructure.
  • Rapid customisation and deployment capabilities allows efficient operation with quick order routing.
  • Instantaneous trade execution.
  • Trade reporting.
  • Real-time risk management.
  • Market surveillance.
  • Market data broadcasting.
  • Live prices, Indices and tips for traders.
  • Seamless integration and strategic alliances with international exchanges.

The MCX India provides real time commodity updates and spot prices, which are accepted by all the bullion retailers and the jewellery merchants. These spot prices are used by Bullion India making the gold purchases profitable due the below market rates.
There are many benefits of trading in MCX trading commodities. Few of them are –

  • It provides a hedging option in physical commodities for farmers, manufacturer and dealers or the consumers of gold, silver, zinc, copper and such.
  • There is a chance to trade seamlessly in distinct markets and yield advantage from the same by using the arbitrage, i.e. the price parity between the two markets.
  • Redemption and the physical delivery of some of the commodity, for example, bullions are provided, if you want to hold on to the physical commodity personally.
  • There is little or no scope for chance of manipulation in the stock market by dealers, due to high vigilance.
  • High quality metals and gold and silver bullions are offered with quality assurance.
  • Technological advancement of the MCX India takes commodities trading to the next level.

Benefits of Gold Trading on MCX prices,

  • MCX gold prices are below market level spot prices with stringent margins.
  • The MCX provides a beneficial and profitable platform for commodities trade.
  • When purchasing and investing in gold an investor can buy from as little as 1gm of gold and redeem from 8gm onwards in a demat or physical form, ensuring the security of the purchase.
  • The online trading platform allows simple and affordable investments at the tip of one’s fingers. Both buying and selling of gold and other metals is possible.
  • Only 5% of actual value of gold needs to be paid in gold cost effective trading in gold for retail clients
  • Not only does MCX provide spot prices, market trends and ease of purchase, the live prices broadcasted by the trading platform are available at Bullion India for purchase and investment of gold and silver bullions.

MCX gold sees a great level of buying sentiment, with the growing demand for gold in India it has become one of the most sought after metals. Invest in MCX gold prices to attain high returns and make gold investment profitable.

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