Bullion Gold Coins – The Smart Way To Invest In Gold.

“No other commodity enjoys as much universal acceptability and marketability as gold.”
Hans F. Sennholz.
If you see yourself reaching out for gold coins as an investment or just a hobby, take a moment and evaluate your purchase. Gold coins can be a great source of investment. Claimed by many experts as the best and most beneficial gold investment of all kinds. Although, not all gold glitter bright. Bullion India shop provides you the knowhow on how to make the most when you buy gold coins online.
What to remember before you buy gold coins for investment?
Gold coins are available in various sizes, weights and purities in the market, some greater than others. Always know your way around gold coins before making the purchase,

  • It is highly vital one reaches out for gold coins of high finesse and purity at least 995 to 999 finesse in 24 karats pure gold, to get the most out of their investment. Buying lower quality, uncertified coins may contain alloys that compromise the quality of the purchased gold coin.
  • One must thoroughly evaluate the purity one is being offered, insisting on a verified certificate of authenticity endorsing the purchased gold coins.
  • One should buy gold coins, such as the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, or South African Krugerrand as they are guaranteed by the governments of the issuing country.
  • One pays a premium on gold coins to the vendor when you buy gold coin online or through retail channels, this premium varies from vendor to vendor, and is lesser on purchase of larger coins.
  • Collector’s edition gold coins, known as numismatic coins, have higher premiums than bullion gold coins and their prices vary depending upon the mint, rarity and many other factors. Unless one has a passion and in-depth knowledge about collector’s coins, one should buy bullion gold coins.

Where to buy gold coins?
Gold Bullion coins are available for sale at many online stores, at pawn shops, jewellery retailers and banks. One must always buy gold coins at a verified vendor when opting to buy gold coin online, such as Bullion India Shop.
Bullion India shop is a one stop destination for all bullion purchases, from gold coins, bars and jewellery. At Bullion India shop we offer 24-karat pure, 995 finesse gold coins, weighing as low as 0.1gms to as high as 50gms.
One can opt for highly customisable Systematic Investment plans (SIP) offer by Bullion India Shop to avail flexibility through installments as low as Rs. 1000 per months, when purchasing the gold coins for your choice.
When you choose to buy gold coin online, one receives lower than market spot prices and brokerage free transaction that provide one, more gold with each penny spent. One can buy gold coins and store them at secure vaults or have them delivered at the door step effortlessly.
Buying gold coins is a favourable investment for many when made at the right time and right place.

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