“Bullion India” Offers Buying of Minimum 0.10 gm of Gold or 1.00 gm of Silver at Live Prices: Also Offers Monthly Installments

India is a gold crazy country. Despite that, not too many organized methods of gold purchase are available in the country. The only method people resort to is either purchase of physical coins or jewellery, stated Mr. Sachin Kothari, Director – Bullion India.
Gold is the most loved precious metal, a priced possession and the most trusted of assets making it a companion of the good and bad times. However, there are a lot of limitations that people face in their purchase experience. For one, they are always confused with the price, purity and jeweller’s trust because there is no standardization. They also have issues in sell back, storage and conversion into jewellery. Places which are not the top cities, suffer even more.
“Bullion India” caters to a wide range of people by offering the customers a facility to buy small quantities of Gold and Silver at the lowest prices. People can buy as low as 0.1 gm of gold and 1 gm of silver at live prices. The gold and silver bought on Bullion India is stored on behalf of the customers in secured vaults monitored and controlled by an independent trustee. The customers can use the gold and silver bought on the platform anytime to shop coins, bars and jewellery from a wide range available on the website which will be delivered at their doorstep.
The table below shows a quick comparison of various gold investment avenues.

Jewellers’ Schemes Gold ETFs www.bullionindia.in
Size Pay 10 months, get 11th month free. Minimum 1000 Rs. Buy or sell minimum 1 gram gold Buy or sell minimum 0.1gm gold or 1 gm silver or opt to accumulate for as low as Rs. 1000 per month
Physical Delivery Redemption only into their own jewellery No physical delivery below 1 kilo Physical delivery starting from 0.1gm anywhere in India
Prices Prices cannot be fixed in advance Prices are based on NAV and hence differ Price are live, two way  and instant
Charges Charges for early closure Separate Management fees No separate charges until delivery
Margins Marked with making charges of upto 35% 1% management fees, storage fees and cash components The markup is 1 %. from wholesale markets

People also have the convenience to use the gold and silver to shop for jewellery at any empaneled jewelers across India.

The benefit is that one can conveniently buy gold and silver at the best prices and very easily use the same at their convenience to convert in coins, bars and jewellery. For example, by depositing a fixed amount per month and availing discounts on purchase of gold. Thus this product has been catering to customers keeping in mind their requirements.
The scope and attractiveness of alternative investments is increasing. The tamper proof packaged coins purchased from Bullion India can be sold anywhere in the market and you will get the full value for it. Thus the customers do not lose out on any cancellations and deductions with a guaranteed buy-back.
The gold and silver stored in the vaults on behalf of the customers is 24K 995 and 24K 999 purity respectively and comply with the international standards thus providing the customer the assurance of quality and trust. Visit www.bullionindia.in your road to happy investments.
In the current scenario, a lot of investments are being made in gold as a saviour of the last resort. One of the best ways to invest in gold is through accumulation plans as these can truly act as a huge savings in the long run.
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