Have a Bullion Silver Plan in Your Portfolio

Over the years, people have come to appreciate the importance of investing in precious metals, especially in silver. The best way to make these a worthwhile investment is to purchase bullion as assets. It may seem intimidating, considering the premium at which such silver sells. But in the long run, it provides unmatched liquidity.
The advantage of investing in silver bullion is that it works as a protective layer in the face of inflation. It may be used to provide a hedge in case of an economic meltdown. It is also a means of investment that helps diversify a portfolio.
Investing the Smart Way
Bullion India has recently launched an investment plan that helps investors of all kinds to work on accumulating silver bullion in their portfolio. This bullion silver accumulation plan called the Unit System Plan or the USP. It is a form of investment that can be accessed online or through any of the company’s agents. It is the first structured investment plan that allows an investor to make a regular payment towards the purchase of physical silver and have it stored in an account. When the investment period is complete, the investor can choose to redeem the silver in the physical form or even sell it back to Bullion India.
This bullion silver plan works on a simple premise. Once an investor is registered for the scheme, he makes a commitment for a specific amount of money to be paid monthly towards the purchase of silver. Based on the market price of the day, the metal is purchased and stored for the investor. Should the prices drop for the day, then a larger amount of silver is secured. The amount for investment begins at a minimum of Rs 1,000. Investments may be tracked on a regular basis as reports are available online and e-mail intimations are sent out to confirm applications.
This bullion silver systematic plan from Bullion India has investment periods ranging from 6 months right up to 3 years.
There are several advantages to this scheme:
• As mentioned earlier, the investment amount begins at just Rs 1,000 enabling almost anybody to considering investing in silver bullion
• The silver bullion is stored on the investor’s behalf till it is ready for redemption
• Tracking these investment is simple as regular information is provided online
• On redemption, the silver will be delivered to your doorstep, if needed, in a secure manner or may be picked up from any one of the designated delivery centres across the country
• The main advantage of a silver investment plan like this is that purchases of the precious metal are made based on the current prices of silver. This permits one to purchase the metal in smaller quantities and at lower prices.
This scheme opens up additional investment possibilities for those who would like to invest in bullion but are put off by the exorbitant prices.

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