Buying Gold In Just A Click? It’s Possible – By Heena Shah

Gold and women are inseparable – with Indian women holding over 25 tonnes of household gold, more than US and UK put together. Gold is a part of our lives from birth to marriage and childbirth, and everything in between. However women today are moving away from investing in traditional jewellery and opting for coins and bars as a means of savings and accumulation. I remember on numerous occasions my mother calling the family jeweller and asking him to send over a few gold coins to mark auspicious days. Well the tradition has now been passed on from one generation to another.

Every year I invest in some amount of gold through gold coins, those which are inconveniently stored sometimes at home before they are transferred to the bank locker. To be honest, at any given point in time I wouldn’t know the exact weight of gold I have or be sure about the purity of gold because the coins have been purchased from various jewellery stores. Of course the more informed I became, I made sure to purchase only Hallmark-certified coins from reputed retailers only. Also over the years, I’ve realised that owning Gold is one thing, but storing it is quite another and a pretty challenging task too.

So when I heard about Augmont, I was pleased to know that an integrated precious metals management company has ventured into trading gold through its online platform. Augmont has the largest network of bullion dealers across India with a turnover of over a billion US dollars, ensuring the ‘Best Purity at the Best Price’ always. The brand launched the #Augmont App that enables consumers like myself to buy gold online in a smart, simple, easy and quick way .

Some of the features of the #Augmont App that encouraged me to move from the traditional mode of purchasing gold to the modern convenient way are…

  • Allows to buy, sell, accumulate and request delivery of purchased gold
  • Allows to buy the smallest quantities at wholesale prices,  #BestPriceGuaranteed
  • Allows to request for home delivery of purchased gold at any time
  • Allows to sell back the purchased gold at prevailing market prices
  • Allows to store the purchased gold in safe custody with the IDBI Trusteeship

While surfing through the app, I realised that the app brings together the best of online and offline purchase options with its advanced features and solid offline presence. I also realised that the Augmont App offers a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), where customers can invest and accumulate Gold in a disciplined manner either by opting for a Fixed Plan or a Flexi Plan. Customers can plan to accumulate small quantities over a period of time and the delivery of the accumulated gold can be requested anytime during the tenure in case of a Flexi Plan and at the end of the tenure in case of a Fixed Plan.

I plan to opt for the fixed plan with a specific goal in mind that will ensure a safe investment over a fixed period of time. I’ve downloaded the app, you can do so too via the Playstore

The Augmont App allows you two ways to buy gold. Buy it and store it yourself or Buy it and have someone store it for you. Either way has its individual advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to opt for what works best for you. No matter what option you choose, almost everyone will agree that peace of mind over your investments is definitely worth its weight in gold. For me, I can buy gold on all small and big occasions and festivals with just a click.
Download Augmont App

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