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At present gold is not anymore used as currency but it still can be used as money. In case of certain emergencies when you don’t have cash in hand, gold can be used as money to meet your financial needs. But for buying gold also you need to have proper financial planning. Because gold is a precious metal that can be purchased when you have sufficient money in hand. India is a country where people purchase gold frequently. Even in the midst of pandemic Indians have found a new way to buy gold. That new way of buying gold is – Digital Gold. Read further to know more about digital gold. 

What is Buying gold online?

Buying gold online is an easy process, you don’t have to visit a number of jewellery shops to buy gold. All you require is just internet, mobile banking and you can invest or buy gold digitally within some time. 

Buying gold online is just another way of purchasing gold but in a digital way. Through digital gold you can accumulate gold in smaller quantities. In digital gold you can buy gold without worrying about its purity, safety and storage. 

Augmont is a website that focuses on making gold coins, bars and jewellery from the highest quality. We offer not only the best price but the best services as well. Now for buying gold you don’t have to travel miles finding a good jeweller shop. You can easily buy digital gold through logging into Augmont’s website or app. 

Coming into the price factor which is necessary to consider while buying gold. As gold is the most demandable metal in the Indian market, we provide 24 karat pure digital gold starting from Re.1 onwards.  

We understand when our customer is trusting us we have to provide quality products to them. So, we aim at providing quality assured hallmarked gold only. Augmont digital gold is 100% certified with the hallmark of BIS/NABL. And we ensure our customers that their valuable gold is kept safe with us in the secured vaults which are monitored by SEBI registered IDBI trusteeship.

Purchasing digital gold is an easy process but, if you want to sell the gold you can sell it easily as well. Digital gold can be sold anytime at the real market price without incurring loss on it. On our website we have a facility of calculating gold and silver, which can be helpful whenever you want to buy or sell it. 

Converting Digital gold into Physical: 

In case if you don’t want to sell your digital gold you can convert it into coins, bars or jewellery. And the best part is you don’t need to go out of your home to convert physical gold. You can do that as well through online mode and get delivery of your physical gold at your doorstep. 

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