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If you want to buy buy gold online you need to be aware of various prices and services available on different websites so that you can do comparative analysis of the same. Also you need to check that whether the different websites appeal to your personal taste and sense of value. The website which you choose should have comfortable process and hassle free system which helps you to quickly navigate and buy gold/silver .Over all it should be such that it offers you a perfect investment destination.
Bullion India is such a website which focuses on gold bullion coins from the highest quality, most trusted mints which offers not only best price but also best service. If you quickly browse through Bullion India website you w ill understand registration is absolutely free and you are miles away from a tedious job of registration as it is simple and all you need is valid email id and password.
Coming to the price, which is the most important buying decision, Bullion India gold prices mimic prices in the Mumbai Wholesale market. Price quoted on the website is around 2% lower as compared to our competitors like reliance my gold plan. And other websites like carat lane,ebay which deal in gold coins and bars have prices which are 5% to 6% more than prices available on Bullion India .However, they do not provide real time trading opportunity which is another disadvantage of these sites .But the most determining factor which makes this website stand apart from others is that the website offers you to buy gold at smaller denominations which is as low as 0.1 gm making it all the more affordable and a very natural choice to buy gold because it is not necessary that you want to buy 1 gm or more amount of gold always.This factor helps Bullion India to distinguish itself from retailers as well, as they do not sell gold at such a low denomination . And whenever you want the gold in physical form it will be delivered at your doorstep in tamper-proof packaging, accompanied by an invoice. Bullion India gold coins are RSBL coins with purity assurance of 995 for gold and 999 for silver. The gold details are printed in the packaging and cast into the bar. You can even sell gold back to Bullion India and spread offered for the same is very low. Also, Bullion India does not charge any brokerage for buying or selling of gold.Bullion India has appointed IDBI trusteeship service Ltd,which verifies the day to day gold and silver units bought by customers are backed by corresponding quantity and quality of physical gold and silver.Trusteeship certificate is available on website to download.
Bullion India’s Unit Systematic Plan is an excellent product which helps you to accumulate physical Gold in small amounts through periodic instalments and also this plan makes it further affordable by giving customers an opportunity to invest with a small amount of Rs 1000 on monthly basis. The key feature of USP is that it allows customers to average their purchase price on gold and silver over a period of time. As per the market rate, the customers are credited with more quantity of gold when prices are low. This extends an opportunity to own gold and silver in small quantities at lower buying costs. There are no administrative and pre terminations charges which makes it more appealing to the customers.
Moreover when you create an account on website and start trading on website you get ledger statement of all your transactions and complete information about how much gold you bought, sold and you are holding. Research reports and experts view available on website helps you understand what are the current trends in the market and to take wise decision to buy hold or sell gold.
Quite simply, if you want fair price for your gold, don’t think twice before investing with Bullion India as it offers a better option for investing as compared to other websites with inflated prices. Website surely rewards you with better price and higher standard of service than you could ever expect from other websites. With just one click you can buy, hold and sell gold.

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