Buying And Saving Gold Was Never This Easy – By Ruchi Verma

I have always heard from my mother that Gold is something which can save you at time of crisis or happiness. I was like seriously get gold and save future, will it ever work?
As and when I started growing up and saw a lot of twists and turns, I sometimes questioned my mom. My dad suffered a brain haemorrhage stroke and lay on the bed because of paralysis, plus so many other situations when we actually fell short of liquid cash. It was when I thought my mom would use that Gold. But she didn’t! She would always tell us – Don’t worry I will manage. Gold is for the future”.
I always thought which situation is going to be more critical than the present for which she is saving the Gold. Well, I never understood. But one thing I always knew that my mother is one positive lady with clear thoughts and like every homemaker she had saved her gold and silver for hard times (though till a long time I didn’t know what these were) and even now keeps on investing in the precious metals at various occasions.
It is only later that I realized that she had saved it for our marriage. We are four sisters and whatever said and done, the marriage of a girl comes with a lot of expenses. I recall specially the time when at the time of the marriage of my youngest sister she called all of us to ask if she could gift her long treasured Gold set to the youngest one as the expenses were high and this would help her save a little amount on jewellery. My father was no more with us at the time of her wedding. We all happily agreed as she had saved that to pass on to someone who would treasure it with the same pride as she did rather selling that for some amount of money.
And this only instilled the belief of my mother strongly that investing & saving Gold for future definitely pays off. In crisis or otherwise these investments will make us more comfortable. But the biggest concern is that one needs the same comfort while buying Gold too.
I’m definitely not like my mother! And it is actually very difficult to store the heirloom jewellery for so long. What max I have done in this regard is buying stuff from my hometown jeweller whom we have trusted since generations, especially during festivals like Diwali. I’m sure many of you might be doing that too! But with increasing crime and frauds now it’s tough to trust someone.
So keeping pace with the changing times, I decided to explore more about this safe way of investment. It is during this research that I got to know about the #Augmont App. An app? You may be thinking who buys Gold online – that to through an app? Well, I did and I’ll tell you why?
First of all let me tell you more about the #Augmont app. In simple terms, it’s an app where you can buy or sell your own Gold and Silver sitting at home with trust and guarantee. By this app you can actually buy gold worth as little as Re. 1 today, and keep buying small quantities till you wish, creating a sizeable long-term gold investment pool. Not only this, it also allows you to buy gold and Silver regularly in a disciplined; there is the option of very convenient monthly SIPs, which is available in multiples of 1000.
Now comes the most important aspect – safety & trust. If you are buying such precious metal online, you would definitely want to be sure of the quality, safety of your money. I too had this question in mind but after checking more about it, I got to know about IDBI Trusteeship Services. The gold bought through the app is physically stored in 100% secured lockers which are controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship and this gold is completely safe, as even Augmont cannot access it unless the customer asks for doorstep delivery or decides to sell back to Augmont. You can also ask for home delivery, Augmont delivers it to the doorstep within 3 days to virtually every Indian corner. If one wishes to encash profits, a few simple taps on the app help in selling your gold at real-time market prices, and the money appears within a day in the bank account. And no matter how much gold you buy, it is all 24KT “999” pure, ensuring you get nothing but the best.
The app now rests in my phone and guess what, it’s as easy as you book online grocery. I’m thankful to my mother for teaching me the value of buying and saving Gold for future and with easy to access tools like this app, the process just got easier!
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