Convenience Is The Key To Happiness – By Balaka Basu

Last year on Dhanteras after standing in a queue for two hours my husband wistfully said: “I hope we could buy gold using an app.” I looked at him suspiciously; he grinned and added: “I think it would be great to invest in gold through a mobile app.” I added, “I am sure soon they will come up with the best app for buying gold, they would probably also have PowerPoint presentations in how to invest in pure gold and silver using the app.”
I guess our wish came true. Last weekend while I was enjoying my early morning slumber, my phone rang almost wickedly. Even without looking at the display screen I knew who it was. There is only one person in this whole wide world that has the courage and audacity to wake me up early on a Saturday morning. The rest of the world fears my fury but not Mummyji.  I reluctantly picked up the phone and she started nagging her list of unfinished tasks. She started talking about how she was unable to book her gas cylinder, how she stood in the queue for electricity bill and just when her turn came the man at the counter went for lunch, how she was unable to book an appointment with her doctor and how she had a lot of weddings to attend and she has no time to buy gifts.
Whenever Mummyji tells me all these, the secret message is for me to fix them. Mummyji considers me some kind of a superwoman with an invisible cape who can run her every errand without flinching eyelids. I woke and sat on my bed, cross-legged and tried sorting out her problems one by one. I first said that I would call the gas dealer and talk to them. I then said that I would pay her electricity bill online and also call her doctor’s chamber to book an appointment. Then I asked that how many weddings she had and what was her budget. I said I could look online for gifts. She dejectedly said that there are 5 weddings out of which two are of relatives where she possibly cannot gift anything but gold. Before I could utter something she said: “Roma was saying that there is something where you can buy gold from your mobile.” Roma is Mummyji’s neighbor. She is a smart girl in her twenties who works for an MNC bank. Had Mummyji referred to someone else I would have ignored but Roma is a serious girl and so I felt intrigued about what Mummyji was saying. Is it really possible to buy gold using an app? I assured Mummyji that I would get all her job done during the weekend.
I called Roma. I asked her about Mummyji was talking. She excitedly said that a new app has been launched in India through which one could buy gold and silver online. I jumped in my mind because if it was true then it would save me the hassle of going to a jewelry shop over the weekend. As this is the wedding season, I literally dread the crowd in each and every jewelry store. Therefore if I could download the app it would let me enjoy my weekend in peace.
I gathered details from Roma and started surfing the play store on my phone for the app. After downloading the #Augmont App, I almost spent half my morning just exploring it. I felt really excited when I saw that using this app I could actually buy gold worth Re1. I immediately called Mummyji and asked her budget. She said, “See my budget is Rs 2000 for one and Rs 1000 for the other but obviously you wouldn’t find anything in that exact amount, so I will stretch my budget here and there a bit.” I excitedly said almost like a school girl “Don’t worry; I shall buy you gold worth the exact amount, not a paisa extra.” Mummyji was not very convinced as she is usually wary about modern technology. However, the positive part is she trusts both me and Roma.
I booked two gold coins on the app and within two days Mummyji received it at her doorstep. She immediately called me and said, “The coins are looking good but still I think I should get it checked by the local jeweler.” I was itching to tell her that it is hallmarked however restrained myself from arguing. Let the old woman have her own mental satisfaction.
On the wedding day, Mummyji was boasting proudly in front of all guests how I had bought gold using my mobile. The pride in her face was evident. She was praising the advancement of science and how it has helped in our day to day living. I smiled at her and then I looked at my husband and said: “This year no standing in the queue for Dhanteras.” He winked at me with a chuckle.
You can download Augmont App here

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