The festival of Diwali is on our doorsteps yet again. Bringing along with it loads of festivity, fun and treasures. This auspicious occasion marks the return of lord Rama from his fourteen years in exile and symbolises the day, ‘Light conquered Darkness’ or as a ‘Victory of Good over Evil’ since centuries in India. The devoutness of celebrating Diwali and the significance of gold in the Indian culture brings the two closely together. The religious significance of gold has given it a position of a sacred metal in the Indian religious beliefs.

The entrenched need to buy gold on Diwali is not for only profitability or gain but as gold is an emblem of purity and considered as a symbol of hope, brought into homes on this occasion. Imbibed in Hindu mythology is that Diwali is linked to the celebration of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and wife of the god Vishnu. The five day festival of is thus a tribute to prosperityamong the devotees and what symbolisesfortune greater than the dazzling yellow metal that has engraved itself in the hearts of millions of investors.

On this auspicious occasion people renovate their homes, buy gadgets, cloths and shower loved ones with gifts. Gold always takes priority in gift giving on Diwali. Dhanteras marks the start of Diwali,the day when purchase of gold and silver is encouraged. Websites like Bullion India offer deal on gold and delivery waived off to encourage sales of gold and silvercoins and bullions. It is recommended that as the festival is about purity you buy 24 carat pure gold from Bullion India to be assured quality and best price on the joyfuloccasion. It may not be wearable gold but it is the best quality gold to save as an investment. Have a Diwali where lights of Diyas shine as bright as the glittering gold and happiness is welcomed into your loving homes. Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year!

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