Evaluating the Sources of Purchasing Gold in India

Gold is the most coveted metal in the Indian sub-continent. Indians have been buying and amassing gold for centuries for one reason or the other. Gold is considered as a symbol of prosperity and purity in the Indian culture.

However, the soaring prices of gold have made the metal an excellent investment option. There are many means to buy gold in India, one can buy physical gold or capitalize on gold deposits when looking to invest in the metal for its high associated returns.

The main question arises when purchasing gold is where to buy gold in India?

There are several avenues for buying gold in India; some of the most popular ones are evaluated by Bullion India Experts.

Retail Purchase of Gold

The most common way of obtaining gold for the masses is retail. One can visit jewellery showrooms and opt for a gold article of their choice. Physical gold in the form of jewellery, as well as gold coins and bars, can be availed. Gold jewellery may cost slightly more than pure gold bullions due to the making cost associated with the gold pieces.

Online Gold Purchase

A fast growing and popular way to buy gold in India is buying24 carat gold bullions online. This purchase can be done online through various banks or reputed bullion retailers like Bullion India. All one needs to do is create an online trading account and place the order for the weight of gold desired.

Bullion India assures the highest purity of gold and offers small denomination starting from 1g up to 100g. The bullions purchased through Bullion India can be redeemed and are delivered in a tamper-proof package along with a certificate that guarantees purity. One can also avail storage at vaults which are offered at no extra cost for added security.

Jewellery Websites

Websitesoffering gold jewellery has gained popularity. These transactions are similar to online transactions; however, one must evaluate the offered carat and weight of gold before purchase. It is never recommended to make online purchase of gold through uncertified and unverified websites, always choose to pay cash on delivery as a safer bet.

Gold ETFs

Gold is an efficient and rewarding financial investment option. Gold ETF or Gold Exchange Trade Funds are a type of mutual fund which invests money in gold. Typically, this fund performs due to the ever appreciating nature of gold.

Gold rates in India have seen many ups and downs for the last few years. Price fluctuations make it difficult for investors to choose the correct gold investments.

Generally, 24 karat gold offered by Bullion India costs more than 22 karat gold. The rate for gold across India may vary depending upon the many factors such as the city of purchase and the purity offered. There are many means to buy gold in India; however, it is recommended one evaluates the quality and rate offered before making any purchases.

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