The Five Most Important Questions You Must Know The Answer To Before Investing In Gold

There are many different options if one decides to start investing. Though every investment needs a specific kind of knowledge and expertise to do it in the best possible and profitable way, precious metals need some different ways to invest smartly.

One of the most important and famous of all the precious metals is gold, a hedge against losses, and a property more money than money itself. If you are looking to invest in gold, here are 5 questions that will definitely arise in your mind, and the answers to them to help you invest right.

Question 1: Which form of gold should I buy?

It depends on what your purpose of buying the gold is. If you are going to use the gold to get jewellery made in future, buying gold coins and bars would be the best way to go about it. You may also get doorstep delivery of gold from Augmont App.


Whereas, if you are more into investing and trading gold, buy gold bullion. You can buy bullion coins and bars online with Augmont App available on Android and iOS

Question 2: What should be my strategy?

Investment, no matter how smart you need to act in order to make it right, the one thing that you must rely on is your instinct. After enough following of the market and your study of its vicissitudes, you are acquainted with the way it goes. This is what makes your instinct more worthy of notice while making investment decisions.

Question 3: Where should I buy gold?

It is the world of android and iOS, a time when you do not need to move anything more than your fingers in order to buy anything. Then why go to the old jeweller to buy gold? The time is right to shift all your focus online. You can now buy gold and silver online, with just as much ease as you order a pizza or a dress with!


One of the most trustworthy and easiest places to buy gold and silver from is Augmont app. You may download the app for Android as well as iOS.

Question 4: When to buy the gold?

The best time to invest in gold is when the stock market looks shaky; it shows that the other stocks are unstable and most investors are going to use gold to cushion their losses, making gold price increase in near future. Another good time to go long on gold is when the gold to silver ratio is low, which means gold is cheaper.

Question 5: How much gold should I buy?

You must attribute somewhere between 5-10% of your total investment portfolio to gold, if you want it to help you hedge your losses and balance your portfolio.


Now that we have resolved all your questions regarding investment in gold, when are you beginning the smart investment in this yellow metal? Share in the comments section how you make your investment decisions.

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