Buying Gold? Here Are 5 Ways To Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic Gold

So, you know buying gold and including it in your investment portfolio is important not only for your future financial safety but also for making profits. You also know that investing in gold comes with its own special benefits. But do you know that if you’re dealing with physical gold/silver, you must train yourself in spotting fake from a distance!

Well, though that special skill doesn’t just come to everyone, we can help you with some ways you can use to differentiate between fake and authentic gold.

1. Do the gold bite test

This is a popular test to distinguish high quality gold from fake. The idea is to bite and see if the gold gets a teeth mark, because is a relatively soft metal. This is a traditional method and cannot be completely relied upon as some other soft metals or low carat metals may also get the mark on being bitten.

Though if it doesn’t leave a mark, your jeweller has some explaining to do!


2. Use a magnet

Genuine gold will not get attracted to magnet, while mixed metal will. Though this is a good way to spot the fake metal, it is also not free from loopholes, as there are many other metals than gold, that won’t get attracted to magnet.


3. The Nitric Acid Test

Choose a spot on the gold that is least likely to be visible and put a tiny scratch on it. Pour a small drop of Nitric acid on the scratch, and if there’s no reaction, you have real gold.

P.S.: Do not try this on jewellery as it may ruin the look.

4. Use a reliable gold testing kit

These days many a gold testing kits have come up in the market. But you need to make sure that the one you use is trustworthy. If you’re not sure about the testing kit, it is advisable to get it tested by a trustworthy jeweller or gold merchant who is skilled in spotting and testing fake gold.


5. Buy from a reliable seller like Augmont

They sell 24 Karat 999 pure gold and silver, with which you also get a Certificate of Authenticity. The gold you buy from Augmont Gold is backed by IDBI trusteeship Services Limited to ensure that the customers’ interests are protected.

Install the app here to buy the most reliable high quality gold at Best Prices Guaranteed.

We believe you are now confident enough to not be fooled into purchasing fake gold or mixed metals in the name of gold. All said and done, one should never take risks when it comes to gold, as it is a big investment of your hard-earned money. We care about you, and thus we bring you 24 karat 999 pure gold directly from the refinery.

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