Gold being pulled between bulls and bears

Lately, gold has shown a typically consistent price pattern. It has witnessed a lot of pull and push in the trade range. It generally starts on a negative note, recovers and is pulled down again. So it’s a wave like movement, which leaves the markets perplexed over its behavior.

It’s difficult for market players to project or analyse the markets for gold- whether it’s bullish or bearish. This has been going on for quite some days now. As gold moves up and the market expects it to cross the key levels. Something contradictory happens and the yellow metal starts trading negative again.

The classic example of this would be the recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting on July 31/August 1.

The U.S. Fed chair Jerome Powell’s statement on the U.S. economy and likely Fed interest rate policy for the remainder of the year strengthened the dollar and pushed gold’s trading range back around $20.

When the data released was not par expectations, gold did manage to trade high, but then was pulled down over rate hike expectations.

So right now the market is divided in to groups. This that want the yellow metal to fall below $1200 and those that would like gold to strengthen and cross $1400. So there is a kinda tug of war between the $1200- $1400 trade range.

In the short, probably in the coming month gold looks negative. It might be down. But is soon expected to gain momentum as we the onset of the festive season in India which will mark a rise in demand for gold. Apart from this, equities look weak and markets might shift to gold as an alternative investment.

One more important thing that will contribute to these rising prices is bitcoins. After the much hype surrounding this investment option, it’s not being welcomes by the parties that are suspicious about its future.

Coming to our main point of discussion, Will gold stick to the bears market or is it expected to enter the bulls. Well it depends on the following factors-

  • Markets returning to trade after U.S. Labor Day Holiday
  • Dollar
  • Chinese import tariffs laid by the U.S and reaction/actions of the Chinese government
  • S inflation
  • Fed policies
  • ECB
  • Russia’s market volatility

Gold, too, has historically had a role as a haven asset in times of global market turbulence. Now, Financial markets continue to watch for any evidence that might knock the Fed off its projected path to raise interest rates twice more this year and three times next year. Apart from that any global uncertainty is expected will be welcomed by the bull supporters for gold. Markets also await the onset of the festive season in India, which will see a rise in the demand for the yellow and thus push up gold prices further. So currently along with the US economy happenings, a lot of global factors will also play a key role in influencing gold prices. Any sudden event can boost the yellow metal high towards the end of 2018.

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