Gold Gift Cards Online – The New Way of Gifting Gold.

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Gifting gold to loved ones is a custom that Indians pride ourselves in. Over the years, this process has become deeply rooted in our culture. Be it childbirth, weddings, birthdays or congratulatory gifts, giving someone a small amount of gold is not only considered smart and valuable gifting, but it is considered auspicious.

Gold jewellery, coins, and bullion bars have been devoured for centuries, making India the highest consumer of gold globally.

Historical and Religious significance in gifting Gold:

It has for centuries been a part of the fabric of our culture and a devoted part of the countries belief system. Mythological accounts describe Gods endowed in the precious metal. Gold has always been considered a consecrated item in the Hindu mythology as a symbol of purity having passed through fire in its process of evolution.

The purchase of gold is highly intertwined with religious and cultural beliefs. The customary demand for buying gold for gifting in special occasions such as weddings, childbirths, birthdays, and other festive occasions or offerings to deities. Acquired in tenfold over India for the Diwali all over India, Onam, and Pongal in the South, and Durga-Puja in Eastern India, even on occasions like Dhanteras, & Dassera people buy gold for gifting and personal investments.

The problems with gifting gold jewellery and coins:

When pressured to buy and select jewellery for gift-giving one is often faced with the dilemma of the, hard work in choosing the appropriate gift, the budget, the unpredictability of the receiver appreciating your taste, are involved. The same goes when buying gold coins for gifting, one may find it going out of budget or the uncertainty if the receiver would appreciate gold that is unwearable.

Buying Gift cards online.

Bullion India shop provides one the opportunity to gift people a chance to use a prepaid gift card with the chosen balance, to buy the gold item of their choice. This reduces the uncertainty of the receiver appreciating the gift and the effort to search for the appropriate gift in a fixed budget. Providing the gift giver, the flexibility of buying gift cards of the amount of choice and yet giving gifts in the form of gold.

The receiver can choose to augment the amount and increase the quantity of purchase if desired.

One can easily buy gift cards online, on the Bullion India shop one or multiple at a time, in varying denominations starting at as low as 1000Rs up to 50,000Rs, with a validity of a year to redeem the same.

 Buy gift cards online to gift gold to loved ones simply and smartly, without the hassles of choosing, budgeting and hoping to please the receiver.

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