Are You Gold Happy Yet? – By Basantika Sharma

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Recently whilst searching for some fun educational apps for my 5-year-old, I came across an app suggestion that caught my attention instantly! I would normally be a bit agitated with the suggestions as it’s a distraction during your search on the Internet but the Augmont app was all about purchasing one of our favorite metals, GOLD!!!!
My mind began to run all around with so many wonderings as I asked myself, how can one buy gold online? Is this possible? Is this for real? And with all these buzzing questions in my mind, I decided to install the Augmont app, which by the way hardly took a few seconds! And I immediately opened the app on my phone as I was still in awe of this application that could let us buy GOLD, like REAL GOLD merely with a few clicks.
And to my amazement it was true!! This was one of my latest revelations, buying real Hallmark Gold via a click through your phone. Viola!!!
Yes, believe it or not through this App you can buy real gold sitting at home in seconds!
Ever since I was a kid myself, I clearly remember that shopping for gold and silver was such a BIG deal, in fact, it still is! Whether it was a family wedding or a birth of a child, or Dhanteres or just simply investing in India’s most loved commodity, I reminisce my Nani, dadi, mom, buas, masis all of them planning way in advance to visit our family jeweler and there was so much strategy involved in getting to the jeweler or calling the jeweler home. Whether it was buying a tiny amount of gold or silver or a considerable amount, it did not matter. What mattered was the gold bought should be real, of good quality and from our own “bharose-mand” source. It took all the family members’ wholehearted attention and their devoted amounts of time to invest in buying these evergreen shiny golden pieces that brought big smiles on everyone’s faces once they were finally satisfied with the quality and were purchased.
When I let my mom know about this awesome app, she was shocked! And said “Kya? Online sona kharid sakte hai? Gold ki shopping aise thodi hoti hai beta!!”
Her reaction surely didn’t come as a surprise to me as this was a bit unconvincing for me too, to begin with! But then I explained to her about how so many things have taken the e-commerce avatar like purchasing vegetables, fruits, furniture, shares etc. And now we use these e-commerce services on an almost daily basis with a lot of ease and comfort. After our chat, she seemed a bit more open-minded towards exploring the app. So we logged to the app very smoothly with lots of excitement and some inhibitions. To my surprise, it didn’t take us much time to surf the app as the more we read the more interested we got to learn about how genuine and pure these products are. After being assured about all the information provided like about the Hallmark gold it sells, the best prices it guarantees, hassle-free delivery etc. we went ahead and purchased our very first gold coin within minutes from the comfort and luxury of our home, without having to physically go to the jeweler shop! And when this coin was delivered to us on our preferred delivery time, we were mighty impressed and couldn’t believe that now purchasing gold for investment was so easy and quick!
In these times of enumerable apps and clicking the infinite amount of selfies, the time has come upon us to broaden our horizon on the Internet. We have arrived at that kind of time and place where buying gold is no longer a time-consuming exercise. It is as easy and quick as buying groceries online with the best quality and purity assured to you. I know you may still be in wonder as I was but you have to download the App to believe it, this is the app is surely sone pe suhaaga!
You can download Augmont App using this link

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