Gold To Silver Ratio Has Touched 80:1; Here’s What This Tells You With Regard To Your Investment Portfolio

Remember how we lately discussed that gold to silver ratio is one of the most important indicators of when to buy which one of them? Well, right now is the best time to put your practice to test, and see what works.

If you’re a new investor, it would be wise to put in some of your investments for now and wait to see what happens next before taking it further.

If you are following the latest news and price updates of gold and silver, you must be aware that the gold to silver ratio right now is as high as 80:1. Now as per the breakup of this ratio and how the two metals have behaved in long-term history, this ratio is high enough to be silver-friendly.

Here is a 24-hour analysis of the said gold to silver ratio, which was 81.02 at the highest and 80.77 on the lower side.


What this essentially means is that silver is cheaper than gold the moment, which indicated that it would be smart for an investor to invest in silver.

So, what does your analysis about this gold to silver ratio say? What are you going long and on? Comment with your smart insights.

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