SIPs With No Lock-ins – 5 Augmont Advantages That Make Investment In Gold A Cup Of Tea

These days, the biggest concern when one thinks about investing isn’t how much to invest, but is where to invest. We don’t want to lose interest, we obviously don’t want all our monies in the stock market, and we really don’t want to block the money. To address all your investment worries and concerns, Augmont Gold brings the easiest solution with Gold SIP:

Anytime exit, an SIP with no lock-in period – You can pick from one of the two options – fixed and flexi SIP. If you invest in the flexi SIP, you will have the option to exit the SIP anytime, or continue till the end and get the whole amount.


Begin with just Rs. 1,000 every month –

With Augmont, you can invest in gold SIPs that begin with as low as Rs. 1,000 per month. You need to invest the minimum, and don’t need to shell out a huge amount in order to get good returns. If you want to invest more, there is no upper ceiling on the per month amount.

Create as many SIPs from a single Augmont Account –

There is not limit on the number of SIPs you can open from one Augmont account. Isn’t that a bonus!

Get gold on maturity –

You can opt to get jewellery or bullion at the time of maturity, or at any time during the tenure of the SIP in case it is flexi SIP.

Doorstep Delivery – This one solves the biggest trouble the people of our generation face while buying gold or silver. With Augmont, you can get it all delivered to your door, be it jewellery, coins, or bars. All you need to do is pay a small delivery fee, and that’s it!


You may download Augmont App for Android and iOS and benefit from Gold SIPs and many more features to make your savings safer and easier to multiply.

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