Guide to Buying Silver in India

The precious metal that pleases all is not only an affordable but also a smart investment choice. Silver like gold has been a traditional currency of trade for centuries and has repeatedly proved its stability and worth. Although the undervalued precious metal may give an individual second thought about its worth, rest assured that silver is as precious as gold in many different ways.

Silver investments have seen a tremendous rise in the form of bullions, bars and coins over the past decade in India. Bullion India offers 999 finesse 24 karat gold and silver bars and coins for individual purchase, at lower than market spot rates. The sudden rise for the metal is owing to its lower rates compared to gold’s surging prices. Although, if one needs encouragement to buy silver there are many reasons to invest in silver in India and globally.  Such as its unique molecular composition that makes it indispensable in industrial and medical applications, or its underground scarcity that would create a rarity of the metal in the coming future.

What type of silver should one invest in India?

To invest in silver in India, one must make sure what type of silver is up for a buy. Silver in the form of impure jewellery, utensils, and other alloy mixtures are not a preferable purchase. In one needs to invest for the future, Silver bullions are the way to go.

What does Bullion India offer over traditional silver purchase?

Purity: Bullion India provides an abundant variety of silver bars and coins for purchase. Available in sizes from as little as 1gm to over 500gm coins and larger silver bars. The advantage of investing in bullions of silver is the purity that one is offered. The silver bars and coins are 999 fineness 24 karats, complying with international standards. These engraved coins and bars are certified and acceptable globally.

Easy payment schemes: Bullion India offer SIP (systematic investment plans) to the buyers to ease the purchase. When buying a larger amount of silver and gold in India, the ease of payment in installments provides one flexibility. Starting from as low as for 1000rs per month. Silver is purchased from each installment based on the silver price in India on the given day.

Spot Prices: Bullion India provides spot prices, which are lower than the market price of silver in India.

No Brokerage: Brokerage is not applicable on the opening of an account or any buying or selling transactions.

Doorstep delivery: Once the buyer purchases silver in a quantity of choice based on the silver price in India on the current day, and makes complete payment including a small vendor’s premium, he or she can opt to redeem the silver bullions and have it delivered to their doorstep.

 Vaults: One can also opt for vaults for storing their silver provided free by Bullion India.

Silver price in India is lucrative and strongly in favor of buying silver as an investment. One can find the live silver rate in India available online, to plan and purchase their silver at a low price to increase chances of profitability.

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