The increase in the trend of online purchase and the wide spectrum of choices available are often confusing to the new users. When it comes to something of grave value like gold the confusion soon converts into loads of stress and fear.
There are many questions that arise, let us put your mind to ease about a few of the common ones,
How do we trust the online services to buy or sell gold?
The answers to these questions are not simple but through loads of research and analysis you can find a trusted website like Bullion India who are a trusted name in the Bullion market as they purchase gold and silver from RBI approved agencies of India and sells it to various buyer at varying denominations.
How pure is the gold?
The gold purchased through Bullion India is 24 carat 995 quality and is delivered in a tamper proof packing.
How to buy gold online?
Creating Your Account: From the comfort of home all you have to do is log on to the Bullion India web portal andcreate your free account. There is no brokerage in creating, selling, buying or redeeming through this account. So be relieved of hidden charges.
Depositing Money: As buying and paying later is not possible you will need to deposit the amount through which you can purchase the required amount of gold.
Select Quantity and PAY: Now fill in the required quantity of gold or silver and pay for the same. You will receive instant confirmation of your buy. You can now choose to redeem the purchase and have it delivered to your door step at a delivery feeor either choose to hold your purchase in secure vaults with insurance provided free of charge.
The easy and secure way to buy, sell and redeem gold through Bullion India can be mastered in a jiffy. For doubts and queries there is a hands on customer service centre which is prompt and efficient.

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