How best to invest in gold and silver for maximum upside

f you are convinced that money printing in the world is not about to stop anytime soon and note that alchemists have not yet discovered a way to produce gold and silver then the investment case for precious metals, long-term is easy enough to understand.
However, there are many ways to invest in gold and silver. You can go down the Dubai gold souk and buy kilogram bars of gold and silver, and these are indeed the best sellers, if you can find them after the gold rush to buy of the past two weeks.
How best to invest
But this is not necessarily going to be the most profitable way to invest in precious metals. This month’s ArabianMoney investment newsletter takes up the challenge to uncover the most profitable approach to leveraging up gold investment. You could simply buy silver. You might buy the shares of gold and silver producers. You might invest in junior exploration companies that own concessions where precious metals might, or might not be found. You could invest in all manner of ETFs and some that borrow to increase your investment for increased risk and cost.
Many of our readers like to spread their risk with a diversified portfolio of these assets. But you do need to fully understand the risk and weigh it up for yourself.
That’s where the ArabianMoney investment newsletter, now in its fourth year of publication, is useful (subscribe here). We take apart these assets and try to present an analysis of their relative worth in simple terms. This is different from our website which does not offer specific investment recommendations for legal reasons.
Think for yourself
You are going to have to make up your own mind how to invest but you will at least do so with expert and impartial advice that does not come from anybody selling you anything more than a low-cost newsletter. This could be the best investment you ever make.
But if you want to be in on the next boom asset class then you ought to be taking this seriously and doing your homework. Read what we have to say about how best to invest in gold and silver and take action.

Source: Bullion Bulletin

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