How to Buy Gold on EMI?

The customer can buy Gold Coins and Jewellery on Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) from Augmont. Customers can select from a wide variety of

  • Gold Coins (24k 999 purity) ranging from 0.1 gm to 50 gms and
  • Gold Jewelry (22k 916 purity) ranging from rings, earrings, pendants to chains on the platform starting from as low as 1gm.

The customer can book the product by paying the booking amount of around 20% and the balance payment can be made over a period of three, six or nine monthly installments, as the case may be. The gold coin or jewellery shall be delivered to the customer doorstep once all the payments are completed by the customer

Benefits of buying Gold on EMI from Augmont:

  • The customer can be assured of the quality of the Gold Coins and Jewellery delivered by Augmont as each and every article delivered is hallmarked by a government-approved hallmarking agency as per the BIS guidelines.
  • The customer has to pay the money as per the amount at which he/she has booked the article. The gold price at the time of booking applies. Thus, even in cases where the gold price increases, the customer gets the benefit of paying as per the old reduced price and gets the delivery of the gold article.
  • The process of purchasing gold through Augmont is quick and simple. The platform is completely user-friendly and the process involved is swift and hassle-free.
  • The customer can cancel the purchase order booked on EMI at any time after payment of the booking amount and before the payment of the last installment towards the purchase price.

Customers shall receive his/her gold at their shipping address as provided within 10 working days from the receipt of complete payment of the purchase price by Augmont. Each Product shall be packed in tamper-proof blister packaging with cold sealing and shall bear the logo of Augmont. The packaging shall describe the order code/Customer ID/ Customer name which will be written or pasted securely as a printed sticker

Upon sale and delivery of the products to the customer/broker as per the purchase order, the Customer shall not be entitled to return the Product. However, in case of a physical defect in the product, Augmont shall replace the same subject to the product being sealed. Customers should make sure that the product is returned in the same tamper-proof blister packaging in which it was delivered to them.

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