Introducing Augmont – India’s First Exclusive Gold Buying App

Gold has always found a very special place in heart of Indians, be it birth or marriage – gold has always been a preferred choice of gifting. And rightly so, the trends show that gold has always been one of the safest investments giving high returns on investment.

For example, 10 grams of gold cost Rs. 4, 400 in 2000, and the price for the same quantity touched an astonishing Rs.30, 000 in the year 2016-17; that’s a whopping 6.8 times returns on investment!


Though now times have changed and how, one thing which has completely changed our lives is the ‘Smartphone’. Our beloved smartphones have replaced how we do things in so many ways. The following illustration will help us understand this better:

We, at Augmont, realized one thing, that although smartphone has changed many things we do, our gold buying habits have remained the same. We still visit the nearest jewellery store to buy gold. Although there are many problems that come along the way, for instance, it’s time consuming, there are chances of theft, trust issues with the jeweller, etc. We realized that there must be a better way of buying gold. Hence, after years of research and planning, we are proud to present you with Augmont Gold App.

But the bigger question is why Augmont? And here’s the answer – There are numerous reasons. To start with, Augmont is a part of Bullion India, one of the most trusted gold dealers of India. With Augmont, you can be assured that you’ll get best prices guaranteed and best quality. There is a long list of benefits shown in the following illustration:

Try the Augmont app now, we are sure you will love it. We’d love to hear from you any feedback and inputs. Follow us on Social media for latest updates.


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