Why Investing In Gold Is A Must For Your Portfolio? – By Krishna Kamath

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Who makes the decision related to finances and investment in your home? In my case my husband has left it to me to decide where I want to invest and how much do I want to invest. This free hand to make a decision comes from the fact that I love everything related to finance and investment! I do workshops for the employees of my organization (and this is just out of passion! My role is that of a Project Manager) and guide them on the instruments they must choose for a comfortable future.
I was not always wise, (no shame in admitting it) I have learnt a lot through my personal experiences which I love to share when addressing the audience at my workshop. I have done my PG in Banking & Finance, I was IRDA and AMFI certified (haven’t renewed the certification as I never intended to sell insurance or mutual funds, it was more for personal knowledge) and I have training in stocks and commodities too.
Learning more and more taught me that Gold plays a pivotal role in any portfolio, let me explain why. Have you ever seen the day any news breaks on TV that shakes up the economy of a country (like 9/11, Brexit and the recent demonetization) the first impact it has is a massive fall in stocks? People run for the safe haven like Gold for shelter from a financial catastrophe. The problem with mutual funds is, (if you park all your money in there) you can only make money in a rising market, not a falling one and a fall is inevitable as the underlying economic cycle is at play. You need to have a truly diversified portfolio to ensure you are unshakeable in any situation. This is where Gold comes in, it is safe and a non-impacted commodity in times of global crisis. If a war is to break out tomorrow the currency of the country will fall massively but Gold will remain solid.
Indians and their love for gold needs no explanation, we are the 2nd largest consumers of gold with China leading in the 1st place. When I was getting married I realized the importance of buying gold on a regular basis. I had to shell out a fortune to buy gold at one go.  If you regularly buy gold for important occasions or via monthly schemes it helps build a significant corpus over a period of time. I was married into a South Indian household and no one knows their Gold better than these guys so my gyan comes from my hubby & family.
In my ongoing research to squeeze the best deals out of every penny I spend, I recently stumbled upon a wonderful place to do my monthly SIP in gold. It is an online App (available on Android and WIP on IOS) called #Augmont that offers gold at the best price (believe me I have compared it with the local jewellers in my area). The gold is 24 carat BIS hallmark certified and can be taken via 2 options.

  • Delivery based, that results in Gold being home delivered from their center to your doorstep in 2-3 days.
  • Or you can do monthly SIP (no fixed term required) and buy gold at the end of any term you like 3,6,12 months or more.

I chose the latter as it works beautifully for me, making me a disciplined investor. I get the advantage of the fall in Gold prices too, making my average cost very attractive.
You may want to know if it is safe to buy gold online and why should you buy it online when your local jeweller offers BIS certified Gold too! Well I have 5 reasons for choosing Augmont.

  • I did a thorough check on their background and found that they are refiners and wholesalers of Gold and supply to Country’s leading Jewellers and Jewellery manufacturers, so buying Gold at a wholesale price is truly a rare opportunity for us.
  • The Gold comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • The Gold is insured, so if you make a purchase you will definitely get Gold and not a soap bar if it is lost in transit!
  • They deposit gold you buy (if you don’t want to keep it at your home and don’t have a locker) with IDBI trusteeship and a certificate + report is issued by IDBI confirming the quantity of gold deposited.
  • The fee on purchase of Gold is the best in the business even after adding the minimal delivery charges.

So look no further and go for Gold like I did for a wholesome portfolio!
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