Lights, Prayers and Investments – Diwali Arrives at our Doors

The glittering festival of Diwali arrives in fashion yet again, bringing along with its festivities an array of opportunity to indulge in the purchase of gold. Dhanteras or the first day of Diwali, that falls a day or two before Lakshmi puja, bears grave importance for investments in gold. The word Dhanteras itself means wealth or prosperity and investing in precious metal on the day has been believed to have a special significance in the Hindu mythology since centuries. People also purchase new cloths, utensils and assets on this day.

Buy Gold & Silver online | Bullion India
On this auspicious day this year doors of opportunities have been opened for the online purchases of gold and silver through Bullion India’s website and their guaranteed low prices. With the drop in the gold prices and increased affordability, gold will adorn more houses and bring prosperity on this festive occasion, as it has been predicted to be the right time to purchase by analyst globally. The decline of gold prices and the ease of buying and selling through online vendorshas made gold more accessible this Diwali.
Many websites claim low rates and best prices at this time to lure customers but the smarter decision would be investing in gold that is 24 karat pure. The Bullion India concept makes it easy for customers to purchase not only pure gold from the comfort of home through their convenient and simple trade portal. The website allows you to purchase gold for Diwali and other auspicious occasions with door to door delivery available for the smallest quantities purchased, I.e. 0.1gms. With Bullion Indians wholesale like prices and their facilities of storage, delivery and no brokerage it is the answer to investor prayers this Diwali.
Accessing Bullion India website through your mobiles and tablets has never been easier. Websites like Caratlane, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and bluestone claim lowest prices but the quality and prices offered by bullion India are unmatched and lowest. The purity of gold is guaranteed at Bullion India with the choices available to buy as low as 0.1gm of gold, it is a natural choice for purchasing gold this festive season. Bullion India is a interesting alterative to physical gold vendors, with spot transaction, no hold charges and no upper limit of purchases bullion India compare to other websites and physical vendors provides an simple and hassle free environment to purchase gold this Diwali. May this Diwali bring glitter and prosperity with the purchase of pure gold in your households!

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