Looking For An Auspicious Gift? What Better Than Gold? – By Ritwika Mutsuddi

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This is the season of marriages.  I have been getting numerous invitations to attend these marriages, but thanks to the month being March and my kids’ exams, specially my son’s board exams, I have been unable to attend any of these marriages.  I hate missing out on the fun and festivities of these marriages, but then life is unfair at times.
Then came the invitation of a very close friend’s sister’s marriage. She resides in the Chennai (Augmont service is not available outside the country).  It was impossible to attend the wedding due to some other commitments, but since she was my close friend’s sister I wanted to gift her something memorable and precious.  I had spent my college days with them and hence missed being with them in the wedding.  But I wanted to ensure that my gift reminds them of me.
For us Indians, gold is considered auspicious for gifting for any occasion and this was marriage!  But I didn’t have the time to send her the gift.  Also, I am a bit wary of sending gold through any other means as I am not sure of the safety and authenticity of the delivery.  I didn’t want to risk my hard-earned money, but at the same time I wanted to gift my friend’s sister gold.
I was in a dilemma when a colleague suggested #Augmont app to me.  Now this was something totally new to me.  I am used to online shopping a lot and buy a lot of stuff, but I have never bought gold online.  I was very sceptical.
But my colleague assured me that this app was totally safe and had the#BestPriceGuaranteed.  My colleague knows that I am quite tech savvy and hence she recommended me the app strongly.  I am not someone who blindly trusts online stuff.  So, I myself went through the app and I was blown away.
The app was like a blessing in disguise for me at this hour.  I could not physically gift the bride her gold and as I said I was wary of sending it through other means.  This app had some great features which made my transaction so easy!  It was a trustworthy app.  I compared the gold price with the market price and it had benchmark prices in the wholesale market as well!  Also, I didn’t want to get embarrassed in front of my best friend by gifting her impure gold.  But again Augmont ensured that there was no compromise on purity.
I ordered few gold coins on the app and made payment and I was assured that those coins would reach the bride on time.  Since I had never gifted gold online to someone, I was a bit anxious.
But I was so happy that Augmont’s service was first rate.  They delivered the coins to the bride before time.  I got a call from my friend and the bride herself thanking me for the gift.  Of course, they missed my presence.  But I was happy that I was able to gift her gold and that too without any hassles.
Now I have made up my mind that be it on any occasion or just for myself, I will definitely buy gold from this groundbreaking app.  Running around to various jewellers, comparing prices, checking for purity, and then storing the gold in the locker becomes a tedious task for me now in this busy schedule.
With the phone in my hands all the time, I can order gold now from anywhere!  I don’t have to run around here and there.
My friend was also mighty impressed with me and complimented me on my choice of gold coin as well as the selection of the app. Precious gifting is made so easy now!
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