New Car, Vacation, Or New Business – Learn How To Achieve Your Dreams With Augmont Gold

With increasing market volatility, higher salaries, and expenditure multiplying at a crazy rate, it has certainly become difficult to take a call on one’s investment decisions. But as we know, if planned smartly, one can turn even the most difficult problems into profitable decisions. We have made a list of things you can do to make this year a profitable one.

Here are 6 things you need to inculcate in your financial planning in order to save for your big dreams, in little ways:

1. Take advantage of the market volatility

Invest more when the market is down. Invest in Augmont Flexi SIP where you have the freedom to decide how you invest and make the most of your savings.

2. Planning a foreign vacation? Give yourself a goal!

Tick off all your bucket list vacation dreams one by one with smart investments. All you need to sign up for an Augmont account, and set goals for every vacation.

Not just this, the Augmont app ‘Set goal’ feature allows you to set goals like marriage, jewellery, education, and others!

3. Keep your money from being blocked

Augmont offers Gold SIPs that have no lock-in period. You can exit whenever you wish and spend it as per your requirement! Isn’t that a great option to enhance your savings?

4. Save for your car with smart investment in gold bullion

The simplest thing to do is buy gold bullion coins or bars when the prices dip and sell when it’s high, and the easiest & most convenient way to do it is through Augmont app, which you can download here.


5. Get your gold delivered, or use Augmont Buy back option

You can also get doorstep delivery of your gold at very reasonable charges when you need, for instance, for your daughter’s wedding. If you need the money back, you can just sell the gold back to Augmont in your hour of need.

6. Plan your retirement like a pro!

With increasing financial risks, and unpredictable markets, planning retirement well in advance is necessary. Do it with Augmont. How, you ask? Read here.

What are you waiting for? Install the app right now and start using whatever little savings you have to make your dreams come true. Because life is made of dreams, and we are here to help you fulfil your dreams.

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