A New Quarter Is Here. What Have You Planned For Your Investments?

The fresh quarter of is here and we’re sure you have started thinking about your next set of investments in the year 2018-19. Regardless of what you plan, it must be something that takes care of your investment motive, and profitability.

Here are 10 simple tips on what your investment plan for this quarter look like:

1. Pan out a spending limit, because unless you save, you can’t invest.

2. Decide a final amount to be invested (set a goal).

3. Distinguish between your investments (how much portion of it should be for tax-saving and how much for profit-earning).


4. Keep a part of your money in gold as safe haven, because all other currency may go down the drain, but gold is the real money.

5. Get hold of the daily news. You never know what might affect your small savings and empty your bank account.


6. Be clear as to what you are looking at when you say you want to invest. Make sure what you want out of safety and profitability from your investment.

7. Research before you invest. Plan better. Don’t jump into investments just because you need to.

8. Diversify your portfolio. Strike a balance. Don’t stick to one type of investment, no matter how much profit you think you can make from it. Nobody can say when a particular product fails.


9. Try to invest more and more in products that fight inflation.

10. Give a chance to SIP this time. Start investing small amounts and you will be surprised how SIPs can be highly profitable in the end. Try Augmont Gold SIP that starts at just Rs. 1000 per month.

Install the app here to start an SIP instantly!

We have given you a kick-start. Take this good beginning ahead with your smart investment plans for the brand new quarter, and share with us how it’s working out for you.

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