All Occasions – One Perfect Gift! By Shilpa Kamdar

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you get a invite for a wedding? Yes you are correct, what gift we need to give? I was in same situation few days back when I was invited for wedding of a close family member. There were a lot of things in mind while deciding a perfect wedding gift like – it should be well in budget, the gift should be liked and should be useful to the other person. Plus it should be auspicious and a perfect gift for the occasion. While all this was going on my mind, one of my friends invited me for an App Launch for buying gold online – #Augmont.
Buying Gold online? Yes I had same question in my mind, how can one buy Gold digitally?  I decided to attend the event and clear all my doubts.
For starters, #Augmont  is an integrated precious metals management company with operations in trading of gold and silver coin & bar through its online platform, gold refining and manufacturing of tamper proof packaged jewellery. At the event we met Mr. Sachin Kothari, the Director at Augmont who very patiently explained to us everything about the company and the newly launched app that allows one to buy the best quality gold online at best prices. He also cleared all our doubts regarding various aspects of safety, ease of buying, advantage over other means of buying.
I was super impressed and in my curiosity to test it out, I downloaded the app at the very same moment and was delighted as I could purchase Gold as small quantity as 0.1 gram. The best thing about this app I liked is you can keep buying small quantities till you wish, creating a sizeable long-term gold investment pool. For buyers who want to buy gold regularly in a disciplined, there is the option of very convenient monthly SIPs, available in multiples of 1000. The gold purchased through the app is physically stored in 100% secured lockers controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship Services. It is equally simple to use for young adults and senior citizens, thanks to its easy interface.
As India marches towards a digital future, it’s time to get smart with your gold investments. It has never been easier, cheaper or safer. After attending this event I knew what I was looking for – the perfect gift for all occasions, Gold!
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