Online shopping – Yes, Purchased Gold – What? – By Sneha Tiwari

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Yes, you heard it right! I ordered Gold online for my daughters 1st birthday. Pure Gold at best prices – from my phone!
Well, it was a very special occasion in my life. My daughter’s first birthday and I had planned to invest in some gold for her but didn’t have the time to go out and shop. That is when I read about the Augmont app in the newspaper, which came to my rescue.
Buying gold has always been considered auspicious in India. It’s beautiful and almost always pays off rich dividends. The traditional means of buying gold came with a lot of inconveniences. One had to make a physical trip to a jeweler, pay unverified prices, worry about purity and then about storing it safely. We all look for convenient solutions that whisk those worries away. And when I learnt that there is an app that allows you a world of conveniences you never thought possible, I couldn’t be happier! I had been accumulating money in my daughter’s piggy bank ever since she was born. And it was the perfect timing!
I wanted to be sure of some important aspects like authenticity, safety, best price availability, purity etc. And thus I started researching more about the company and the app in particular. That is when I got to know that Augmont has been into Gold refining and Wholesale Gold business for a long time and are established suppliers to all leading Jewellery manufacturers and Retailers across the country. So the first issue sorted.
What about safety? Well, the answer to that was their association with IDBI. The gold bought on the Augmont App is physically stored in 100% secured lockers controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship Services. The gold stored is so safe that even Augmont cannot access it unless the customer asks for doorstep delivery or decides to sell back to the company. Safety – check!
Now I was interested in knowing how they are able to pass on best prices. Then I learnt that they already popular for their benchmark prices in the wholesale market and they ensure that they pass on its price advantages to even their retail customers.
Now to the most important aspect – purity of Gold! Well, it is all 24Kt 999 pure, ensuring you get nothing but the best. With all these conveniences and the choice of investing in silver, Augmont is the path breaking bullion app everyone has been waiting for.
I for sure was convinced and purchased 10 gm gold coin for birthday. These are all savings for her future – she can decide how she wants to utilize them when she grows up. For now, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will definitely start investing in an SIP with Augmont to keep purchasing and saving for my little one.
You can download Augmont App using this link

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