‘Planning Ahead Of Time Can Be A Golden Opportunity’

‘Planning Ahead Of Time Can Be A Golden Opportunity’ – with Bullion India Gold Investment Plan.

‘Planning Ahead Of Time Can Be A Golden Opportunity’

“No other commodity enjoys as much universal acceptability and marketability as gold.” – Hans F.Sennholz.

Gold is a universal commodity. The need to purchase gold is more than a fashion; it is a way to invest in security for over a million investors, globally. In India, gold finds a closer to spiritual meaning, with its increased popularity with the locals. People openly gift gold in religious festivities and weddings, irrespective of its cost. However, gold at its high market rates is not easily available to the low and mid income bread earners. Owing to the Indian traditions of gold giving in marriages, possession of certain amount of gold for future needs is mandatory, especially when having daughters. The demand for the yellow metal as an investment has never been greater.

Owning to this popularity, Bullion India has devised a Systematic Investment Plan wherein, Investors can purchase gold over a fixed tenure by paying in instalments. This increases the availability and accessibility of gold to the people with lesser purchasing power. Due to the ease of payment and installment amounts as little as Rs. 1000 per month. Gold is available for grabs.

 Bullion India offers these SIP instalments for a period that ranges anywhere between six to 3years depending on the buyers choice.

How does it work?

  • After the initial payment of Rs. 1000 or more, fixed payments per month have to be paid to ensure an equivalent purchase of gold. The gold offered is 24-karat pure 995 finesse that complies with international standards.
  • After the tenure has been fixed, every monthly installment is divided in 20-day periods, where each day depending on the market price of gold, an amount of gold is purchased for the investor.
  • This price may be low or high on a particular day and hence, the buyers are benefited with an average of the purchase cost within the period.
  • After the last installment is settled, the investor can redeem the gold in coins, from 0.1gm to 200gms per 24-karat gold coin.
  • Free home delivery of the purchased gold is offered or the investor can collect the same from any collection centre.
  • Bullion India offers many payment modes like, net banking, Debit/Credit Card, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, DD and ECS.

Through this scheme, gold can be purchased for a distant wedding or for loved ones, without pressuring the pocket. The desires of loved ones to own and receive gold can be met easily. Unlike stocks and bonds, gold investments have physical purchases and are liquid assets. Thus, gold is a safer investment with lower risks. With an option to plan ahead through Bullion India’s Systematic investment plan, people can think ahead and start investing for the future, through this scheme.

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