Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing White Gold.

Many a time buyers confuse white gold and platinum, most believe them to be the same. On the contrary, platinum and white gold are two different metals completely, the former is a naturally occurring white metal and white gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other white metals. These metals may be silver or palladium.

How is white gold attained?

White gold can be availed normally at 18 karat, 14 karat, 9 karat or any karat. 18kt white gold is 75% gold and then mixed with 25% other metals, such as silver and palladium. Following similar trends as 18k yellow gold. White gold price varies with the percentage of gold in the mixture.

White gold is fashioned by adding palladium or nickel as the primary whitener to lighten or ‘bleach’ yellow gold. Silver, zinc or copper may be added too. The color of the resulting white gold alloy varies from strong clean white to a dull grey white or brownish yellow appearance, according to the percentage of metals used in preparing the alloy.

White gold jewelry use?

White gold has different characteristic depending upon the alloy used, white gold with nickel is hard and strong, hence is popularly used for rings, pins, cuffs and so on, it is a durable alloy. However, white gold with palladium is soft and flexible hence is a better choice for gemstone settings.

A few things to consider when buying white gold,

  1. White gold is given a whiter appearance by treating it with rhodium. This coating wears out in time giving white gold a yellowish look. The coating has to be reapplied repeatedly to retain white gold’s sheen.
  2. Nickle based white gold is prone to causing skin allergies, hence are discontinued in product in the production of white gold in various places.
  3. Since white gold has a mixture of silver, each scratch results in silver being scraped, hence precious metal is lost.
  4. White gold is widely serviceable, hence more jewellers tend to repair and service the products easily due to its popularity and availability.
  5. Due to the malleability of white gold, it is very popular in jewellery making.
  6. As white gold is often an alternate to the rare and more expensive platinum, it is cheaper and lighter than the alternative. White gold price is far lower than platinum.

White gold’s benefits:

  • A fresher alternate to the traditional yellow gold look.
  • Goes well with gemstones due to its silver tone.
  • Provides the same look as silver but without tarnish.
  • White gold price is far cheaper than platinum.
  • White gold is 75% gold and hence has a good market resale and liquidity.
  • Easily mouldable in form of jewellery, hence the makers perfect choice for intricate designs.

Before purchasing your white gold, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Be vigilant in knowing the purity and durability of the white gold offered. Make sure the seller has a good review when purchasing through an online store. When buying gold, make sure you are positive, secure about the piece of precious metal, and evaluate white gold price in stores and on trusted websites.

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