The Price of Gold Chennai, India

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The price of gold today (October 31st) in Chennai, India was at 2675 Rupees per gram, a slide from the 30-day high of 2784 Rupees on the 21st of the month. The price of silver hit 38.8 Rupees per gram today, dipping down from 41.6 on the 16th. These types of fluctuations as common as night and day, and the ebb and flow of the bullion market is as frequent as high and low tide. Residents of Chennai should not be fooled by the recent minor downturn- gold and silver are among the safest and most reliably profitable investments in existence. Since the 1970’s, gold and silver have risen by astronomical figures, and the last decade or so has seen some incredibly lucrative results for investors in these twin monarchs of the precious metals market.
There are numerous gold and silver exchange locations throughout the nine-million strong metro zone of Chennai, but one of the best ways to accumulate gold and silver is online. We at Bullion India offer minimal service fees for purchasing gold and silver online, up-to-date bullion rates and helpful news and reviews on our easy-to-navigate website, affordable investment plans for the common man, verified, top-quality bullion stock, and safe storage and delivery.
Our gold and silver is 24 carat and IDBI certified. It is fully insured while in storage at bank vaults or other secure locations throughout India and during the delivery process. The gold we deal in is 99.5 percent pure (fine) and the silver 99.9 percent pure.
Precious metals are an excellent investment for Chennai residents, and we at Bullion India are flexible enough to give our customers the options they need to succeed at gold and silver trading or saving. We beat the street merchant’s prices and give you the security you need to have confidence in your investment strategy. We make it easy to set up an account online and to get all of your important questions answered by a knowledgeable online live-chat agent. Chennai gold and silver investors can begin to save wisely and safely today with Bullion India.
Gold and silver prices often have their ups and downs, but nevertheless are the best investments you can make for security and long-term payoff. We at Bullion India offer the best services and rates to our customers to help them save in effective ways.

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