5 Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver

Precious metals like gold and silver have an important place in a diversified investment portfolio. Gold and silver are tangible natural resources needed in many capacities (coins, jewelry, electronics, aeronautics, dentistry). This ensures demand and also ROI.
Gold and silver are here to stay. Many industries rely on a steady supply of gold and silver to stay in business. Both gold and silver have an ancient and longstanding cultural value that is worked into the fabric of modern values. Every day people handle coins made of gold and silver in various transactions. For the investor, this makes investing in gold and silver through Bullion India a smart investing strategy. Here are 5 reasons you should be investing in gold and silver.
Reason #1: Gold and silver are actually quite rare.
Did you know that gold is rare because it is incredibly difficult to make? The same holds true for silver. In fact, out of all the possible materials we could use to make coins, for example, only a handful are suitable – like gold and silver.
So as commodities, gold and silver are in limited supply, but demand has been high since mankind first discovered these metals and will likely continue to be high.
Reason #2: In a word – NASA.
As NASA gears up to explore ever farther into space, gold and silver are critical materials for the aeronautics industry. Gold protects astronauts from heat and conducts electricity. Silver is a key component for making energy efficient light and electronics devices.
Reason #3: Your body and your teeth need gold and silver.
Modern medicine uses gold and silver for a number of critical applications, including dental fillings, crowns, antibiotic medicines, dental bridges, orthodontia and other uses. Silver can also help shorten recovery times and fight off infection.
Reason #4: Gold and silver make technology possible.
Gold is a key component in nearly any electronic device you can think of. This is because it can not only conduct but also store electricity. Silver is so strong and conductive that it one of the most durable metals to use in constructing electronics – and especially those that function on solar power.
Reason #5: Our financial currency depends on both metals.
Gold and silver have been used as forms of currency for thousands of years. In an economy where the “paper value” of money often fluctuates widely, the value of gold and silver remains steady and stable.
Investing in gold and silver is a smart choice for any diversified investment portfolio. Visit Bullion India to find the best prices to buy, sell or invest in gold and silver online today at http://www.bullionindia.in

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