Save For Future By Investing In Gold – By Manjusha Pandey

Gold is not just considered a valuable metal in India; it carries lots of emotions and traditional values in Indian families. It’s a part of an everyday accessory that Indian women wear with pride.
Gold is an auspicious piece of ornament that has a special place in Indian culture and traditions. I still carry fond memories of my wedding day when I was all shining and glittering with gold.
I remember seeing my mother buy gold/ silver on various occasions and keeping it as future savings. Well, I never understood the real reason why would she need it in future, but today I understand that she was making a smart investment through buying gold and saving it for future occasions.
To be honest, I could never gather the courage of walking into a store and buying gold all by myself. Firstly I would never be able to judge if it’s pure gold and secondly I would fear of getting cheated. The issue of trust has always come in between whenever I thought of buying gold. Though I like to wear gold on special occasions, I shy away from buying gold be it in the form of jewelry or other forms. Whatever gold I own today is all gifted by my family members and close ones on special occasions.
We have a family trend of buying gold on Dhanteras every year. It’s the time when I accompany my mom in law to buy gold from one of our trusted gold stores that’s been there for ages. But apart from that if I have to go and make a purchase on my own, I might not feel comfortable with the idea of buying gold.
I am always of the opinion that gold is a great way to save for future investments. I have seen my mother do that all through my childhood and even now for her grandchildren. Her savings eventually helped her in paying for our education and fulfilling other interests when we grew older.
I always wanted to follow her footsteps and invest in gold for my child’s future education and career needs. However, with the changing times and a huge variety of gold availability in the market, it’s really difficult to find the best without having doubts. Plus lack of time is another constraint that we face each day while trying to balance kids, family, work and home.
I always thought if buying gold would be as easy as buying anything else, life would be different. But you know my wish came true!
I recently learned about an App that helps you buy the purest gold at the best prices that too from anywhere, anytime right from your phone. It’s awesome!
So there was an event I got to attend a few days back where I learnt and experienced the newly launched #Augmont App and its functionality. Let me share some insights about the App to help you understand better.
#Augmont is India’s most trusted portal for gold investments. Being one of the largest gold refineries in India, they offer the best quality gold at a benchmark price even to its retail customers. The App is beautifully designed to ensure the best of online and offline purchase with its advanced features.
Benefits of Augmont App
First and the foremost is the convenience that the App offers to everyone irrespective of their age, gender, profession, status to buy gold at a click of a button.
With the best quality assurance, Gold can be bought at wholesale price even by the retail customers saving them from overspending or paying the incorrect price at the stores outside.
Customers have a choice of buying gold as little as worth Rs.1 that’s affordable to everyone to make long-term investments starting small.
The App allows its customers to accumulate gold over a period depending on each one’s budget.
For regular buyers, The App has an option of monthly SIPs, available in multiples of thousand.
The App offers its customers the choice to browse, choose, buy, store and sell gold at the tap of the fingertips.
 Is your Gold safey at Augmont?
The Augmont App physically stores your gold at 100 % secured lockers which are controlled and monitored by IDBI trusteeship services.
If the customer wishes to keep their gold with themselves, Augmont provides a facility for getting their gold delivered at their doorsteps within 3days anywhere across India.
If one wishes to sell their gold and earn some profits, it just takes few simple taps on the app to sell your gold at real-time market prices.
All the payment made and transaction details can be tracked on the App for all your purchases made in the past.
Irrespective of how much gold you buy on the Augmont App, The purity of gold is not compromised at any cost, and you get 24Kt, 999 pure and the best.
 Saving with Augmont App
As per the trend reports from the World Gold Council, India’s gold demand grew by 9.1% to 727 tonnes from 666 tonnes in the year 2017. Looking at the increasing demand for gold, an App launched by Augmont to buy gold is not less than a blessing for Gold lovers in India. This app is just the perfect budgeting tool that takes care of the future investments for all those who believe in investing in gold/ silver and saving for future.
With all the above benefits, features and security, Augmont has not only made a platform available to its customers that makes the whole process of buying gold easy but has also brought a revolution in the digital world with its committed and leading App.
I made my first gold purchase without any hesitation from Augmont App, and the experience was completely thrilling. Honestly, I never thought buying gold would ever be as smooth a process as buying movie tickets online. It is like a dream come true for anyone who has the limitations of time, place and money.
With a launch of this App, buying gold is just a click away. With today’s busy lifestyle, where everything is available right from groceries to the biggest of things at the fingertips, launching an App like this is nothing less than a revolution.
You can download Augmont App using this link

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