How To Save For Future Using An App – By Dipika Singh

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‘Save for future’ is the advice we always get from folks and peers. Commonest of all pieces of advice and sometimes, a tad too overboard. I have had many such instances where ‘save for future’ were the only words ringing in my ears for days together. Money management (supposedly my forte as an ex-banker); never occurred to me even by the slightest virtue! Being a business graduate & corporate professional for years, made me believe in – ‘Earning and sustaining liquid money is too difficult’. I always wished to have an app which could also tell me the worth of my current savings – in average person terms.
I recall those early career days when I would spend all my salary in wardrobe management; however, my roommate would diligently buy small Gold coins to save for future. I always teased her for being such an ‘oldie’, but she would reply nonchalantly ‘I will have a stress-free life, with all this investment.’ Guess I was too lazy to go all the way to a jewelry store and buy for investment.
Save for Future – A click in time saves nine!
Well, as I precisely mentioned above saving or investments were never on my agenda. My career has taken me to places and given me ample scope to grow as a person. Having worked with International Banks bulked up bank balance on various occasions. However, when the need arose – I had nothing substantial to show. That was the time I decided to change the perspective and start saving for future. As they always say –
“There is no wrong, in taking right decision!”
Mutual Funds and SIPs were great options to save for future, but how many of us have the in-depth knowledge of these instruments? I always get puzzled in counting the returns and interests, and fixed deposits are a tad too slow. Gold comes as the best option to save and of course, every Indian’s favorite too. This reminds me of sharing an old incident, my Mother narrated – on how her ancestral gold helped them to bring up our very first family abode during testing times.
Gold & Silver are the sure shot option for many like me; to save for future. But the million-dollar question is – from where? Big brands have sky high charges and family jewelers either lack variety or take orders in advance. Also going all the way to the jewelry shop and then checking out the different quotes is too daunting. I needed a handy solution which can be trusted and less time-consuming. That is when I came across an app-based buying and accumulating of Gold – Augmont App.
Maintaining Family Tradition with Technology – Augmont App!
Buying Gold on auspicious days is Indian family tradition, and we are not different from that. I have seen my parents doing it since ages, now I follow the pursuit.
“Little Drops of Water Makes a Mighty Ocean.”
Smaller investments every now and then don’t pinch the pocket and help in bringing up a treasure. #Augmont App is a groundbreaking mobile based application coming from a trusted brand. The app provides a platform to buy and accumulate Gold & Silver for future or current needs. Get the best prices of Gold & Silver on Augmont app, trustworthy and safe. It also provides us to save the Gold and Silver for future. We can buy depending on our needs, starting from least as Rs. 1, at #Augmont. Accumulate and save all that gold in 100% safe lockers managed by IDBI trusteeship or invest in monthly SIPs. If you wish to have the bought Gold/Silver delivered at home, Augmont also has home-delivery options too.
This I call the best amalgamation of tradition with technology – saving family tradition of buying Gold/Silver as the investment, via convenience of technology – a Mobile App. The certified Gold of assured quality, this app also provides browsing, choosing, buying or selling an option for/ Silver Gold. The best feature, which I personally loved, is – Saving the Gold/ Silver in vaults. These vaults save your bought gold/silver for future. Lowest prices, Customer Trust & Ease of business are also some of the features which interested me. It helps me maintain my yearly target of saving for my family future, without running stressful errands. I am so glad to be introduced to Augmont and wish to share the joy with all my readers.
So, go on, download the Augmont app now from Google Play Store with this link – Android link

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