The Shift in Trend – Online Bullion Trading In India.

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The country that indulges in more than 50% of the physical gold reserves in the world is looking at a change in mindset. The earlier impulse of the Indian masses to buy and keep physical gold jewellery in inferior quality of gold, with inflated prices has seen a changing curve over the past few years. This change can be credited to the availability of gold bullions in forms of gold coins and gold bars available for sale through online bullion traders like Bullion India.

Not only does Bullion purchase provide the buyer with lower than market price (SPOT price) advantage, but also provides one the access to a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and qualities of gold bullions. Online trading platforms increase the accessibility to the pure gold bullions, which were once only available at banks. 24-karat pure gold, and 995 to 999 finesse gold and silver bars and coins can easily be availed online at the click of a button.

Bullion Trading in India has seen a steady increase in the past few years, due to the ease and effectiveness these online trading platforms provide. People have realised, the often fluctuating, higher than average jewellery prices that gave buyers access to 21 karats and lower gold jewellery, which has many taxes and premiums imposed, were not the best means to invest in gold. Gold jewellery of inferior gold and mixed alloy provides lower resale and subject to artisans making charges on per gram of gold purchased.

Online bullion trading platforms like bullion India, also offer easy to pay installment plans called SIP (Systematic investment plans), which create an availability in gold for the lower income groups. Not only can one avail lower than market spot prices but also take the advantage of no brokerage, no making charges and low premium on gold bullion through gold & silver trading platforms.

These online gold & silver trading platforms allow users to purchase as little as 0.1 gram of gold and 1 gram of silver at wholesale prices.

One can register on bullion trading website free, add credit to the account using many systems like electronic transfer, online banking, debit or credit card or even cheques and demand drafts and easily start bullion trading. One may require fulfilling Know Your Customer procedure (KYC), by submitting some relevant documents.

The gold trading platform provides insurance and storage vaults at no additional costs. One can opt for the delivery of precious metals purchased at their doorsteps upon successful payment.

If one wishes to sell the purchase on the gold & silver trading platform, the dealers provide lower than market dealer spreads for higher profits, and easy and effective payment options.

The ever growing demand for physical gold in India , the steady prices of precious metals, and volatility in the stock markets make precious metal investment more lucrative an investment than ever, bullion trading platforms like Bullion India, provide one the access to buying physical gold from the comfort of home at low prices and with effective payment options.

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