7 Gift Ideas For Your Valentine Whose Value Will Grow Year On Year!

Every year on Valentine’s Day, you gift flowers, chocolates, and diamonds to her, or watch, perfume, and tie to him, don’t you? Do something different this year, gift your special one something that is more of use, and grows with time. Yes, we’re talking about smart gifts this Valentine’s.

Here are 7 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that you must consider if you are fed up of buying the same old flowers and chocolates:

Gold to add shimmer to their life

Who doesn’t like some glitter? Gift them a gold coin or bar this Valentine! Here’s what you can do – Install the Augmont App, register your number, and you’re ready to buy gold at the Best Price Guaranteed!

The best thing is the gold is 24 Karat 999 pure gold and you can buy gold for as low as Re.1, and get it delivered to your doorstep, or sell back at low spreads to Augmont.

Silver, the precious white metal

If they aren’t so much a fan of the yellow metal, gift her silver that will grow over time and give them a safe haven in investments as compared to stocks and other investments in their portfolio.

Mutual Fund, for easy savings

If they want to invest in shares or debentures but are procrastinating the plans, help them by opening their own mutual fund account. Most of the times people just need a push to start investing, be that push for your loved one.


Gold SIP, the gift of smart investment every month

Yes, not your regular SIP. Gift them a Gold SIP with Augmont App, at the end of which they can get gold delivered at their door. The unique thing about this SIP is that it has no lock-in period! So you can exit their Flexi SIP anytime during its tenure, without any exit fee. You can install the app here.

Fitness Band, for a fit and healthy partner

Gift them something that helps them lead a healthier life. Lately, there are so many options with even in-built heartrate monitors and very good activity tracking systems to choose from.


Augmont Goals, so they never fail to achieve their dreams

Gift them a goal, at the end of which they will have means to fulfil the goal for which they’ve never otherwise been able to save. For e.g., if they have always wanted to go for a vacation to France, but can never save, open their account on Augmont, set a goal, and pay for the first time. Giving a kick-start to their unfulfilled dreams is the best gift ever!

Install the Augmont App.

Chromecast, for those who love to watch movies

A Chromecast can prove to be the best gift for someone who loves watching movies, YouTube videos, and a lot more on the awesome screen of their TV.

So what have you decided? Do away with those cheesy old gifts and be the smarter one this Valentine’s Day.

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