Be A Smart Homemaker; Multiply Your Savings With These Infallible Tips!

With every passing day, the question of ‘how to best invest my money’ keeps getting more and more grave, and yet remains unresolved. The options that give good returns are mostly riskier, and those that are safe give only average returns. To find an investment option that is both safe and gives good returns is a thing in itself.

Though nothing in this world is free from risks, we have made a list of areas that homemakers can invest in without worrying about losing their little savings from the monthly budget.

Here are 5 ideas that will make sure you only make gains from whatever you save:

Forcing yourself to invest every month is hard; Invest in SIP

Set a date every month to invest the specified amount. Better yet, invest in gold SIP with Augmont app (install here), and you can get doorstep delivery of the gold!

Keep aside a small part of your monthly budget and convert it into gold

Buy gold bullion from Augmont app. It is as simple as buying gold, but without going to the jewellery shop! All you need to do is install the app and register.

Stop spending in order to reward yourself after saving

Save more every month and turn your reward into a bigger one! You could accumulate more and get a gold coin to make anything you like at the end of the month!


Set goals with this amazing app and make saving money a fun task

Did you know you have a feature called ‘set goals’ in the Augmont app? You can use it to set goals for vacation, marriage, and a lot more you’re planning. It will help you invest the right amount without the pain of planning, and achieve your final goal with ease.

Make good use of your free time, buy gold at low prices and sell it back at higher prices

You will gradually start understanding the market and surprise everyone with how much you make out of that meagre amount you save every month!

Did you know? 11% of the whole world’s gold is with Indian housewives? We know you are one of them and we are glad you ended up here, because you’ll now be part of the world of smart investors.

Invest small, think big, and make the most of what you have, is the mantra here. Share your investment ideas with us in the comments and help your fellow smart investors!

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