Save A Little From Your Pocket Money, And Multiply It With These Smart Investment Ideas

We know college is one of the most wonderful time of a person’s life, and we know there’s a lot you want to do. You want to party, you want to order pizzas every weekend, you want to shop like crazy, you want to go to concerts. Well, there’s an endless list! But here’s something that’s going to help you decide what to do with a little smartness with your leftover money.

From now on, every month, Skip a pizza weekend, a useless shopping spree, or a date you think isn’t going to go anywhere good, and invest the money you saved, in one of these 5 smart areas. Trust us, it’s as easy as ordering a pizza!

The good old piggy bank

The first and easiest thing for small savings is your personal piggy bank! All you need to do is have some patience and self-control, which saves you from using your piggy bank for petty things like partying and shopping. Think big, and make your piggy bank your source of motivation to save more, for a big goal.


Mutual Fund

Now, this one’s for those of you who want to learn about the stock market early in their life. 🙂 Start investing very small amounts, while also learning to take care and responsibility of your money. Just take care that you don’t get too much into this volatile market.

Augmont goals

Augmont app has this very useful feature called ‘goals’, wherein you can set goals like vacation, education, or marriage. Use this feature to its best and by the time you pass graduation, you will have enough to fulfil that one little dream of yours!

Gold SIP

Another easy way to use your small savings is to invest every month in SIP. Augmont gold is an app that allows you to start an SIP with a sum as small as Rs. 1,000. All you need to do is verify your credentials and start investing!

Install this amazing app now:


Recurring Deposit

One of the best ways to invest very little amounts every month and get good returns, an RD can be start with as small as Rs. 10 and for a duration as short as 6 months! The best thing is it fetched interest equal to a Fixed Deposit.

Now that we have lined up all these great and easy investment options for you, when are you beginning to put your pocket money savings into something useful?

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