The evolution of Jewellery trends

Customers are increasingly preferring functional jewellery over bulky sets, says an industry expert.

Functional jewellery is indeed superseding the elaborate sets. In keeping with this trend, we primarily focus on contemporary light wear jewellery that appeals more to the younger generation.

Few The jewellery e-tailers have recently introduced Jashn-e-Jodhpur, a line celebrating the vivid blue tones that the royal city of Jodhpur is known for. The collection brings together diamonds and sapphires.

The reason to choose Jodhpur is that Indian jewellery has drawn inspiration from various monuments, cities, traditions and forms of nature. Keeping this as the core of our design aesthetic, we wanted to create an exquisite sapphire and diamonds collection. The vivid blue tones and the rich indigo tones of Jodhpur forms an integral part of its inspiration.
Indigo porticos, intricate jaalis, delicate trellis and paisley patterns have been brought alive with a collection of earrings, necklaces and rings.

When asked about how capsule collections can boost Online Space they said that Capsule collections act as a platform to launch new and unique designs and styles. These collections are used to augment some of the timeless designs and themes in jewellery to suit modern trends, tastes and preferences
Such collections are particularly popular online owing to the conveniences of browsing 24/7, free home trials and 30-day returns.

While some prefer gemstones for its colors, others prefer Gold, Diamond, Meenakari & Pearls. Youngsters typically prefer gemstone jewellery for traditional occasions and diamond jewellery for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

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